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How about some small changes to the limit of questions you can ask?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21660points) October 31st, 2010

As some of you no doubt have noticed, I tend to answer questions far more than I ask them. However today I am in a bit of a questioning mood.

This is my 3rd question today, So that means I Now have to wait until tomorrow to ask more. This is no big deal, Its not like I want to ask “help, how do i stop the bleeding?” or anything like that. So I can wait, and I know limiting it to 3 questions is a great way of keeping trolls at bay as well as making sure that all questions have time to be read and answered fully.

Just, as well as wanting to ask a couple more, I some times think that the rate at which questions come in is some times a little slow. more so at this time of day when most Americans are working or sleeping or whatever it is all you get up to around about this time.

So, i hereby propose the following for consideration.

How about a couple of changes, to how many questions can be asked? perhaps a structure like so:

- On your first visit to the site, you can ask 1 question, if you then get a great answer it unlocks 2 more allowing you a total of 3.

- On your second day, you can ask 3.

- After you have 5k lurve you can ask 3 a day, plus one extra 4th one a week that is not cumulative. in other words, 3 a day, but any one day of the week you can ask 4.

- After you have 10k lurve you can ask 3 a day plus, any one day of the week you can ask 4, and you can also any one day of the week trade in 500 lurve for a 5th.

- After you have 20k you can ask 4 a day, plus any one day of the week you can ask 5.

- After you have 30k you can ask 4 a day, plus any one day of the week you can ask 5, and also trade in 1k lurve to for an extra question.

- After you have 50k you can ask 5 a day.

Or perhaps some variation of the aforementioned, maybe including a system where you can trade in lurve at any level on the lurve ladder.

The reason i mention trading in lurve or using lurve to buy a question, is to stop a lurve chain reaction. if you are allowed to ask more questions, and are well known on the site, then you will gain lurve even faster, and therefore would maybe be wise to trade some in or lose some from extra questions, and to prevent gaining from 0 lurve to 50k lurve too fast.

Why not just raise it to 5 questions a day for all? well, personally, i think that would hurt the site a little bit, but its not like i have crunched any numbers or anything, it may be a viable option.

Any thoughts?

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In the meantime, you can create a 2nd account. This is accepted by Fluther mods & gods alike.

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this is making my head hurt, sorry

I think it if fine how it is.

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That sounds like a good idea. Prove you’re not a troll and that you’re a good jelly, and you may ask more and more questions each day.

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Or… how about a special award that can be traded in for an extra question? say, “bonus question” award, that is cumulative. you get one by getting 10ga’s on a friday between 2pm and 4pm or something crazy like that.

That sound more fluther style. My previous idea is a bit too reminiscent of a lesser site.

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That wasn’t wordy enough. Tell us how you truly feel..

Talk about self-fulfiling prophecies…

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500 lurve per additional question?! At that rate we’ll end up with a lurve-dependent economy.

And then we’ll go to far and the lurve bubble will burst…that wasn’t meant to sound dirty…

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I’m content with the way the system works today, but I do not ask many questions.

For the sake of brain-storming, how about if the number of questions allotted to each person could be banked? For example, three are issued each day. If you only asked 2 questions yesterday, you could ask four today.

Also, I once asked a question for another Jelly, as she had used up her quota for the day. I contacted her as soon as it was up so that she could monitor it and respond to the answers.

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I always have a bunch left over each day to sell or trade (I love sandwiches, too)

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I prefer the gold stars they hand out for good behavior.

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I don’t think you have to wait until tomorrow to ask more questions. If I’m not mistaken you only have to wait twelve hours. Of course I could be wrong.

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@AstroChuck I think you are correct. I really should know this, huh?

Generally, I’m fine with the way it is now. I wouldn’t mind if long-term jellies were allowed an extra question a day, though, either.

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@AstroChuck well, its 9pm here. for me it is tomorrow, around 8am, when the server reaches midnight and considers it tomorrow. but yea, now in hours its about 11 to go.

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Pretty wordy, I couldn’t finish reading it. I hardly ever ask questions, so 3 is plenty for me.

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Three is plenty for me and plenty for most of the many question askers, if you ask me.

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Like rollover minutes on a cell phone plan or a little question banking? I’d be in favor of that, within reason and I think it could be handled in a way that didn’t allow anyone to dominate the questioning. On, the site I was on before, there was no limit to how many questions a user could ask and you would sometimes be faced with a giant wall of questions, one or two pages of them sometimes, by the same person and that was kind of annoying and sometimes it seemed that you could miss a lot of other questions because they were simply lost or overwhelmed by the sheer number of questions that one or two people were asking. Limits on questions are probably good. But I’m like you. I comment and answer way more than I ask but maybe a little more flexibility would be workable for when you’re just in a questioning kind of mood.

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Maybe for every thousand lurve, you’re allowed one extra question a day (if that’s giving people too many questions, then maybe one extra question every two or three thousand lurve), but everyone has to wait at least an hour between asking questions?

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you could always high-jack a question on social and ask your question there…. or go into chat and ask someone to ask it for you

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@talljasperman or…ask someone to ask it for you

This potential solution occurred to me as well, but keep in mind some members seem to have a sense of…ownership when it comes to their questions – they want their name attached to it.

I personally think Hypo_ should be allowed at least 5 questions per day.

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@lillycoyote How about if the banking/rollover idea had a cap per day? For example, if you have only asked 1 question this week, and today you have 10 that you want to ask, you can only post 6 (or whatever the cap is) today and either save the rest for the next day or offer them up to someone else.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yeah, something along those lines doesn’t seem at unreasonable with it resetting on a weekly basis and no way for someone to “bank” a huge number of questions they can as all at once. I think the offering them to someone else is kind of an interesting idea to, as long as they can’t accumulate enough question in any one period to dominate either.

It might help too. I’ve been on the site some nights thinking “Will someone, will one of you please ask another goddam question, for the love of god! I’m sick of looking at the same one’s that have been up here for hours.” If there might be someone on at the time who wants to ask a question can’t because they’ve has already reached their limit I’d love for them to be able to ask it. Though the cause of my problem here, of this particular problem, may be that I’m the only one that doesn’t have the sense to go to bed at a proper hour and everyone else is logged off and asleep, where they should be.

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One per day (or week) is what I would like to see.

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I think this site’s question limit is ridiculous and very kindergarten. Sure, have a limit of 25 questions per day. But three—good grief!!

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@perspicacious Only a kindergartner would ask 25 questions per day. Sheesh!

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Why is the sky red?

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Oh, come on, a question is just as relevant tomorrow as it is today.

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@johnpowell- One per week sounds good. I think people might be a little less frivolous with their Q’s and the ratio of quality vs. crap would greatly improve.

(Says the guy who posted this.)

Response moderated
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And on the flip side, I’m glad that some users ask very few questions.

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Protip: If you can wait three days before checking for a response you didn’t really ask a good question.

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well pigs do fly, breedmitch got modded….lol

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I would love to see one question per day. Then perhaps more thought would go into that question and quality on the site would improve.

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This question is very wordy, maybe i should have not added the list of how its increments could work. I was stoned at the time, so really, you are lucky its as short as it is. it very well could have gone on until….

<—- Here

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@poisonedantidote: -I was stoned at the time, so… you are lucky its as short as it is.

I would have never guessed.

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@poisonedantidote I was stoned at the time, so… Maybe that is the reason there are only 3 questions allowed a day. They may not want someone that is stoned posting every thought that comes to their mind. :-)

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@Dog has a good point, particularly if it is applied to what Fluther would be like with more active members. Say that the membership doubles. Imagine the amount of time and mental overload it would create to sort through all of the questions and follow some.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Also regarding the suggestion that it seems slow now. If the question quality improved membership would increase faster and more great questions would come.

We would be attracting a very intelligent crowd with quality input and solid contributions.

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Cap and trade! Cap and trade! Someone can have the 5,279 questions I was entitled to in exchange for…...pancakes for me every morning in bed for a month.

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@janbb – I’m afraid, however, that you might have people forming “question collectives” which might allow for small groups to dominate by trading questions to each other on their more busy days. ;-)

I like the suggestion, @poisonedantidote – but I think that the more democratic nature of treating old and new jellies alike has something going for it. ;-)

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@kevbo Actually, creating a second account purely to circumvent the question limit is frowned upon.

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@kevbo And you ain’t been frowned upon until you been frowned upon by Auggie.

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@chyna Well, that may be true, but i have a lot of weed, i can hold out 24 hours on my stoned rantings if im in a pinch. :P

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@janbb : ”Someone can have the 5,279 questions I was entitled to in exchange for…...pancakes for me every morning in bed for a month.” but then you wouldn’t have fit into the great black dress! Damn. Now I want pancakes

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@JilltheTooth But now I have and I don’t need to anymore! And remember pancakes has an alternate Fluther meaning!

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I never forget that!!!

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So, could help me lose weight!

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