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Are the Ferengi rules of acquisition, from Star Trek, useful in the real world?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24356points) December 28th, 2021
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It sounds like Trump’s rules. It has worked for him so far, but there are several law suits against him.

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They work pretty well for many in the world of the politico/military/industrial complex so I suppose it depends on whether you consider that to be the “real world” or just an unfortunate excrescence upon it.

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Only if you are a crook at heart.

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Some are useful, but many are horrible. Some I would categorize as immoral, unethical, and even illegal or a breech of contract.

Most are self serving, and while self serving can sometimes be ok, in the extreme where it hurts others it’s detrimental to them, you, and society.

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Useful or not, it is clear that these rules are adhered to religiously by contempirary turbocapitalists.

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Not really. They sell trust and social capital without methods of recouping it. The rules might be slightly useful to gain a limited advantage for a limited time, but I can’t see how they can lead to profit, long term.

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