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What was your favorite Bogdanovich movie?

Asked by zenvelo (39438points) January 7th, 2022

Director Peter Bogdanovich dies on January 6. He directed many of the preeminent movies of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The one that made a difference in how I viewed movies was “Last Picture Show”.

What was your favorite?

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Here was a tribute put together a few years ago

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Not sure. But upon seeing Mask and What’s Up Doc? I find them very memorable.

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Paper Moon. I was about 7 when it came out, and I remember seeing it with my mom. I didn’t understand some of the lines and she had to explain them to me. Coincidentally, I just saw it on TV a few days ago. I didn’t pay close attention to every scene, but it brought me back to watching it with my mom and asking her the questions I asked.

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Last Picture Show

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Paper Moon was terrific!
The Oscar winning performance from Tatum O’Neal was coaxed from Bogdanovich, to the point that her father Ryan O’Neal couldn’t accept that she won the award.

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“The Last Picture Show”

I hate the first couple of months of the new year, so many people die.

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^^I’m just waiting for Dick Van Dyke and I’ll be bawling.

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What’s up Doc!

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I watched The Last Picture Show for the first time last night. The performances were stunning. I love how the camera would hold on actors at the end of a scene just a little longer than one would expect. The whole film just rang true.

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