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Have you ever seen a movie about a haunted/possesed blue car?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) June 4th, 2011

I saw this like, years and years ago. A woman had a blue car, it looked a bit like a Volkswagen, maybe that’s what it was. Too long ago, I was little and I don’t rightly remember.
For some reason I keep thinking the title was ’‘Christine’’, but I’m also well aware, I hope some people know by now…of Stephen King’s Christine with the big red car. That’s not the movie I’m thinking of though. (even though it’s awesome)
One significant part I remember is that when the woman turns off the inside light of the car, a strangled, breathing sound is heard from the back seat. When turning on the light, the sound stops. She tried to sell the car away, but everytime someone wanted to test it, the doors would remain inexplicably locked. It’s an old movie, either from the sixties or seventies, I’m guessing. Can anyone help? What is this movie? And don’t be showing me ’‘The Car’’ trailers…even if I totally wanna watch that, too. XD
I’ve been trying to find stuff about this online, but nothing is coming up about this movie. Help? And thanks.

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Not quite lol.

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The car in The Car is dark, and larger. Trailer

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80’s brat pack movie The Wraith had a possessed car but I have a feeling it was grey.

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No,but a friend insisted that her Camaro was haunted by the ghost of her dead brother.
I never saw him but he sure did drive like an idiot.;)

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Wasn’t Stephen King’s Christine about a haunted car? EDIT, sorry, I didn’t read the entire question and answered like an idiot. Duh…

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I got cross eyed researching what this possessed blue car movie is but no luck. May I suggest watch a good, a bit corny but scary zombie teen movie from the 80’s called “Nightlife” instead?

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Hell yeah you may. :) Never heard of this one…but I’m always up for zombies.

And yeah, my internet searches for this elusive car movie haven’t been successful. This isn’t the first time I’m looking for it, either.

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@Symbeline Sorry now I remember this was the only way how I got a copy. It was worth it for me because when it was out in theaters, after watching it earlier I convinced two buddies to watch the late night screening with me by telling them there’s great breast exposure in it. Later, while watching it and in the midst of their screaming they realized I just fooled them into seeing a really scary movie. There was breast exposure…but with a bra on. : )

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Hi, this might be a “Mr. Wrong” movie (try:
I also have seen this movie MANY years ago – as s child and it hounts me until today… there is “something special” about this one. And hey – it was a Jaguar – good old car. Have a nice day!

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Duuuude! That’s totally it!! Omg thank you. ^^

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So I just finished watching it. Not unusual in concept, but quite rare in presentation. At least these days, when it comes to horror. I really like it, thanks again. :)

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