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Should the sister remain with the family?

Asked by Samantha4One (1328points) January 11th, 2022


Here I’m with another one of those questions.

Just watched a drama… I need opinions on the outcome.

So, we have a couple…A and B. They have a 17 years old daughter (D) in high school. She was extremely talented and was aiming to be a scientist.

Life goes on and D has some trouble in school but she doesn’t share what it was.

Soon B is expecting a second child and she goes to hospital for delivery with A and successfully delivers a baby boy(SB) , at the same time unknown to the parents D commits suicide.

The news devistates the family, A goes into depression with alcoholism and started shutting himself inside D’s room, but B manages to break him out after a very long time. B was hurting inside, but she didn’t show it.

The family doesn’t celebrate SB’s birthdays due to the very same reason.

Life goes on.. And 17 years goes by.

Family still doesn’t celebrate SB’s birthday but this time he was given a gift by his parents.

The gift was the key to D’s room, which was now his.

He was happy… He unlocks the door and sleeps on the bed.
When he wakes up in the morning… He sees D.

So long story short, somehow he’s able to see his sister’s ghost, she tells him she’s been trapped in the room for many years.

He asks her why she had to die on his birthday..?
She tells him she doesn’t remember..

He tells her that he will help her remember, maybe that’s why she’s unable to move on.

So after everything is resolved…
D has the option to either stay with family or move on.

Sister wants to stay with the family… But only SB can see her.

SB wants her to move on for rebirth.

I know it’s silly but what should be done here?

I’m sorry if the question is too long.
I cut down quite a bit from the story to keep it as short as possible.

I appreciate the answers as always.


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The whole mythology of ghosts is that they move on after their difficulty is resolved. So she would move on, not continue to haunt SB.

She is a pretty shitty ghost if she can’t remember her own suicide. SB should just ignore her.

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I sincerely hope that these A and B are different persons from the other questions’ A’s and B’s…
Too much drama (pun intended).

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D made her exit when she did suicide. She shouldn’t have stuck around after that unless she wanted to stay alive instead.
Why would the parents give her room to her brother after seventeen years? Was he sleeping in a cupboard under the stairs before that?

There’s a lot of weird turns with no visible purpose. If weird stuff is just there for no reason, it is not creative writing. It is simply a cluster of weird thoughts.

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@rebbel I’m starting to wonder if @Sam4One is some kind of writer or screenwriter, and those questions aren’t things they watched, but their own stories, and they are asking for us to look for plot holes.

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Thank you guys for your replies as always…

@Mimishu1995 You gave me more credit than I deserve. I’m far from being a writer or screenwriter. These questions are my curiosity (what if’s) after watching a drama… Only if the drama has a unique story like the above.

For anyone wondering, the story above is from this drama.

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