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If you make your desktop backgroundblack, will it save energy?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) September 15th, 2008
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It might, but not a significant amount to where it would make me switch mine.
It would just be easier to put it in sleep mode.

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I don’t know, but white text on black backgrounds is sure easier on the eyes. I wish more websites ahem would catch on.

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i remember an article once regarding this, i think they said that in normal CRT monitors, you can save power by using black desktop backgrounds… while on LCD monitors, it’s better to use white ones (?)

disclaimer: these are bits and pieces of what i can remember. to be sure, just google it. i am too lazy to do that right now ;)

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Poser: If you have a mac (and maybe you can do this on pc too, dont know) you can set it up so that it’s white on black. System Prefs > Universal Access > Seeing Tab > White on Black. It’s pretty cool, but I eventually change it back after a while. And unfortunately it changes the color of everything – pictures included.

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@Allie—yeah, I don’t think I’d like that too much. I like pictures too much. My only problem is large white pages with lots of dark text. I think we’re still stuck on the idea of paper. Background should be white, text dark. The problem is that staring at a white screen is like staring into a light bulb.

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Poser: I know what you mean. I’d much rather look at a dark page with white text. I really wish there was a way to do this. There was (maybe still is) a dark google.

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@Poser: You should read this.

If you have a CRT monitor having a black wallpaper will have an effect, but LCD screens use a larger amount of energy to show darker colors so it wouldn’t have any effect, or may actually use more energy.

This reminds me of Blackle.

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@ bluemukaki ~ is Blackle powered by Google? That’s a pretty cool screen

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I think Blackle just uses a Google Search box (which I believe earns Blackle advertising revenue because it’s part of Adsense), but Google did make their homepage black for Earth Hour.

I always miss the Google Doodles and homepage things like this because I use iGoogle, its strange they don’t do it for iGoogle too…

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Not much. I’ll still have to power the rediculous graphics card. On the brightside the PC pumps out so much heat I don’t need to turn the heating on.

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@blue—You’re right. I guess the rest of the internet will have to catch up with me!

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@lightlyseared, same with my computer…, seriously heats my room. on a hot day in the summer, my AC wasn’t working and I was playing a game…. the graphics card got up to 105 degrees Celsius… I freaked out and immediately shut it down and bought a new heat sink, lol.

Anyway, to answer the question, only if you have a CRT monitor. I did some research on this a while back.

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Seriously, how often is your wallpaper displayed on-screen? If I’d make mine black it’d save very little because I spend next to no time on looking at it.

It would save much more if people started turning off their computers instead of leaving it on all night.

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Shutting off your pc overnight is the best bet. According to a study I read somewhere, shutting off your computer at night saves about $5.00 a month in energy costs.

I just wonder how many people actually cutoff their computer overnight?

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