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Could my cousin's Facebook account have been hacked?

Asked by Nomore_Tantrums (2394points) January 27th, 2022

I got a friend request from my Cuz today, but after I accepted two more came in. How many does it take anyway? Then she (?) sent me a message about some Federal grant money she got after sending these people 800 dollars in Amazon gift cards. Yeah right. Now I am not even sure if it is really her. Has anyone heard of any scams like this?

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Common scam. Report that profile. It has happened to most people of FB.

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Yes, it’s a common scam as @Blackwater_Park said. Report the profile that sent you the grant information and inform your cousin.

And technically, your cousin probably wasn’t hacked. They were cloned. Someone is pretending to be them.

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Strange. Well, I am still new to that, live and learn I guess.

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Go to your settings and hide your friends list. Those idiots are such a pain but it’s not hacking. Just taking your public pics for another account to get to your friends.

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It’s a scam.

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I stay away from FB just for this reason (among others). There are way too many SCAMS going around there. Didn’t something similar happen to you about this time last year?

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@SEKA Not really, I was just getting a lot of “friend requests” from women younger than my daughter. Still get them, I learned to avoid that, but this was something different. My Cuz got scammed also. Think she got it taken care of now.

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