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The common misconception is that Wright did not have cancer, but rather his keyboard did. Of course he made a deal with the devil to be soul bound to his keyboard in order to be a part of Pink Floyd. Thus when the keyboard kicked, it took poor Rick with it.

RIP Rick Wright, we’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon!

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It was either undiagnosed or not disclosed. In his obits, his family declined to state and, if they knew, kept it private.

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I’m quoting:

Pink Floyd’s keyboardist and occasional singer and songwriter Rick Wright has died aged 65.

The musician, who formed the influential band with Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett in 1965, passed away today (September 15) after battling with cancer.


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The original poster knew it was cancer. She was asking what type, which, if known, was not revealed.

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I’ll be away from my desk and computer for a little while.

I need to go out and purchase some egg remover.

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Not clear, but based on odds, it would likely be either lung, prostate or colon (being a 65 year old man).

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It was in our newspaper today and I don’t recall exactly but I think it may have said either prostate or pancreas. I can’t find anything to back that up though, and knowing our newspaper it was probably wrong or just making it up. Sorry.

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It was never in the AP obit, but I would guess lung cancer as he was a pretty notorious chain-smoker. Just a guess.

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I’d also guess lung cancer. I noticed he was short of breath in a the 2007 TV interview, the same sort of breath my friend had in the months before he died of lung cancer.

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I would think it was pancreatic cancer, the same as what Patrick Swayze died of – seemed like it happened very quickly to Rick and justified his chain smoking.

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