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How much would you save if you only drank tap water?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24354points) February 26th, 2022

No coffee, tea, juice, milk, or pop. Except as a treat once or twice a month.

You can have milk in your cereal.

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Save $40 per month by changing to Nescafe ice coffee syrup instead of 930 grms ground coffee.
The difference is that the syrup lasts longer and can make up to 33 one cup servings .

All one needs is to add 2 tablespoons of syrup to one cup of milk of which I microwave for hot or drink it cold on hot days in the summer.

An added bonus..threwout my coffee maker too.

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Instead of bananas eat banana flavored sweets.

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I’d save very little, perhaps 50p a day, as I don’t drink much apart from water, tea and orange juice.

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Not much. Other than filtered tap water, I drink tea and a little bit goes a long way with tea. ($3 for 30 bags of rose tea from a local Asian shop).

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Not a lot. Maybe $15.00 a month or such. I buy bottled water from the store. Tap water would normally be fine. But the pipes in my apartment building are 50+ years old, and we have water back up issues and rust. The water does not taste good. I don’t trust it. So I’d rather not drink from my tap. You really have to run the orange rust out a bit before a shower or bath.

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That“s why I bought a tap filter that has changeable Filters ( every 6 months) to ensure safe drinking water.
In our seniors apartment building the old pipes undrground are wellover 40 years old, so like you I do not trust geting clean water from them.

Especially spring runoff where our water was murkey and told to let it run longer to clear out.

Here is the link to that tap filter ( make sure it fits your tap measure).

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I drink coffee with milk every day and Diet Coke when I have it (often daily). I’d say 5 to 7 dollars a week for the Diet Coke (which includes when I’m out like from Costco and McD’s, and when I’m home), and milk for the daily coffee, about a cup a day, plus the coffee itself. Not sure what the coffee comes to per day. I make it at home and I get the beans from Costco (maybe 3 pounds for about 12–15 dollars, and I’m not quite sure how long that lasts. Maybe a month?). If you include the coffee maker (about 60 dollars on sale at Costco), the filters, the water filter for the coffee maker, not sure what it all adds up to because I’d have to break it down to a daily cost to be accurate.

I don’t really drink alcohol a whole lot, maybe a few times a year, so that’s minimal.

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