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Tea anyone?

Asked by cage (3125points) February 5th, 2009

It’s the one thing I want when I wake up, before I leave, when I’m there, when I come back, when I’m inbetween, before I go to bed.
Black, Oolong, Green, White, give me it all, and watch it go into my bucal cavity and fill me with a happiness and warmth that can only be usually achieved by personal accompaniment of a fine woman.
Tea. The finest liquid this world has ever known?

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is this a question or a love fest?

tea is for when i’m sick. (PG Tips no less)
coffee is for all other times.

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I will admit I am a tee newbie. I tried an herbal tea once and was a bit shocked, and it put me off tea. I’d love a recommendation for a delicious tea to try!

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Love it! If you ever get a chance, go to the Teabox @ Takashimaya. 693 Fifth in NYC – amazing!

@dynamicduo; try a mild or sweeter tea like jasmine or chamomile; or maybe a flavored white tea.

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@eponymoushipster PG no less? How about loose leaf tea?
@dynamicduo try and read their reviews on each tea. Black is strong, White is the weakest, Herbal and fruit teas vary.

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I can’t stand tea. There’s just something about the taste of leaves in warm water that grosses me out.

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I prefer beer.

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I’ll take a cup of English Breakfast.

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@Anaphase but lots of teas taste different? It’s not a case of a small random tree leaf falling in your tea and you drinking it.

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@KrystaElyse Ironically being English I’ve never had English Breakfast. Is it a black with plenty of bergamot or what?

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Your beautiful paean to tea says it all for me (short of the woman part, of course). I love black tea and white tea. Green, not so much. It can be bitter. There are some exceptions: I like gunpowder green.

@dynamicduo Let me do something I rarely do and disagree with bythebay. Especially if you had a bad experience with herbal tea. I would suggest starting with black tea. English breakfast is a good sturdy tea. Tazo Awake is a fine example. In the afternoons, I love darjeeling.

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Tea is a delicious beverage, especially when flavored.

Peach flavored Icetea… YUMMY YUM!!

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@Marina: Great suggestions for dynamic; and I do like Darjeeling very much also! Some people really do have an aversion for flavored teas and it would make perfect sense to go toward a more traditional tea. Shall we meet for a spot o’ tea the next time you’re in Md?

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@cage – Really? It’s a great tea, you should try it. It’s a rich, full-bodied black tea. I take it with milk and sugar. I don’t believe there is bergamot in it though (i’m not sure)...the only tea I know that has bergamot is Earl Grey.

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Earl Grey is nice. Makes awesome iced tea too

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I love the fragrant Earl Grey and I love this question. I am especially fond of Oolong with Thai/Chinese food.

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Tea (black) with a little raw sugar and half and half. Very soothing. But Bergamot makes me burp.

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I’ll take a fancy Princess Grey when I’m down: Earl Grey with lavender and rose petals. With cream and sugar please.

The rest of the time, strong black with sugar.

Everything I have except the strong black is loose leaf.

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@Anaphase I’ve never met anyone averse to tea, maybe if you tried something unusual it would float your bag, be your cup of tea, scratch that itch, fix your goose, tie the knot, loosen your apron, what?

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@bythebay You’re on. And the same goes if you are in Florida. I have three great tea places within about a mile and a half of home. Each has a different character so I go to all of them. One is my favorite. It is called Infusion.

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@Marina What part of FL? I used to get the best tea at The Japanese Lantern in downtown Tampa.

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@Marina – Is that the Infusion Tea in Orlando? If so, i’ve been there.

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@cage, Tea lovers unite. Back in the olden days the Beats called Mary Jane – Tea.
By the way, your question is worded beautifully!

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@cage yeah, i actually have one of those cool Bodum defuser pots. I have some good earl grey from the last trip to england. i’ll drink that on a cold day, sometimes.

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I used to work next door to a TeaLuxe (like StarBuck for Tea lovers).

They had about 400 loose leaf teas to choose from, iced teas, tea smoothies.
The place was great. Are they anywhere else besides Boston?

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@cprevite we have a place in the mall here like that: Teavana. I’ve been there, it’s pretty cool. this place will mix teas to your request. I had lady grey mixed with some other tea once. cool place, plus free samples!

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@steve6 Tea deserves it.

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I love my stainless tea balls.

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@steve6 What are they like to use? Dipping your balls in and out eh? ;)

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@cprevite – According to their website they are opening one in Tampa, FL soon!

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I have to ease them in water just below the boiling point. And we all know how painful that can be.

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@KrystaElyse Yes, that is the one.

@steve6 Orlando. Is that place in Tampa still there? If so, I will try it next time I am there.

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@steve6 careful not to leave them in too long or your tea will have a very bitter taste…

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It’s only a couple of blocks from the big mall downtown. It is actually an Asian restaurant.

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@cage sage advice

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note to self: never drink the tea from @steve6‘s house

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@KrystaElyse Never drink any tea made with Florida tap water. Shudder!

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@Marina – SO true, sooo very true. It’s nasty.

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Do want to splurge on spring water down there, no pun intended.

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Tea is great. I drink it all the time. That’s all i have to say about tea really.

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Forrest Gump?

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Yorkshire Gold’s the stuff, I daresay.

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Earl Grey for me please, with a ‘sploosh’ of milk.

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i like tea, but i don’t think i’m very good at making it.
when my friend makes me tea i think it’s delicious. i think starbucks does a pretty good job too. but me? maybe i just don’t have the tea touch, because mine tends to be pretty mediocre. );

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@benseven earl grey. con leche? nonono.

tea. earl grey. hot.

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@tiffyandthewall don’t leave the tea bag in the water too long. 2 – 5 minutes. or so.

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I am a huge fan of Tazo teas. I’ve also got a great tea shop in town near me that sells loose leaves, so I’m always experimenting.

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Breakfast tea with milk is excellent.
Certain herbal teas are wonderful (St. John’s Wort)
Though I’m a coffee drinker generally.

Java is for drinking. C# is for coding.

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@Grisson You are a wild man!

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Here’s a question for you all;

Hot or chilled teas?

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@Grisson – Ah! St. John’s Wort can be steep’d!

Hark, gentles, I am gladdened by these tidings! Hie! Hie! to the health food establishment, I, forthwith! to procure this glorious tisane.

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@Foolaholic I enjoy both. It depends on what mood i’m in and sometimes the weather. I love cold-infused jade oolong and chilled moroccan mint tea.

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@steve6 Woohoo!
@aprilsimnel Yes, though I’ve always thought it was wierd, and I wonder if St. John ever wondered where his worts went.

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Yup, me too. I drink more than anyone I know. Used to have a 2Lt jug once which I’d refill several times a day. I often had as many as 8–10 lt of tea per day (that’s more than two gallons).

I cut down when I quit smoking because I’d always connected the two things and tea made me want a cigarette. Now I’ve picked it up again without any such problems.

I like black tea but with various fruity flavours (or even pieces of real fruit) as well as rooibos. Not so crazy about green or white tea.

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Agreed. I normally have my morning teas (breakfast black or earl grey) hot, but I have a wonderful red peach tea that I much prefer chilled.

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I love all different types of tea, hot and iced, green, white, and black. It depends on my mood and the weather. I don’t like sweeteners or milk in my tea at all. Just straight.

One of the few things I miss living in Seattle instead of Tucson is how quickly we could make Sun Tea in Tucson most times of year. You can do it here -in the summer. But it’s not something you can always do.

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My boyfriend and I just got into tea’s, and there is a tea shop right near us and we like to go in and sniff all the loose teas and experiment with some new ones we’ve never tried. Some days I’ll have coffee in the morning but we always end the day with a cup of tea while we watch our shows together at night.

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My vote goes for PG tips, or a nice Azorian Tea when I can get it. Milk and sugar a must.

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Earl Grey for me please, with a ‘sploosh’ of milk.

My tummy gives not a damn what you think!

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Southern style sweet tea!

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Visit a Teavana store. Never met a tea there that I did not like.
And, they have mixes for you to taste test.

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I live in the Seattle area (coffee capitol of whatever) and have never had a drop of coffee in my life. Like green tea or English Breakfast tea.

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I am addicted to star bucks shaken black tea lemonade with half the sweetner. It is relaxation in a cup.

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Yes please,Cejlon without milk..

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@Cardinal: Do you just love that tea and crumpet place in the Pike Place Market? I could sit there all day sometimes.

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I love tea. Love it. But without cream. It totally ruins it. Sugar, maybe sometimes, but strong and black for me.
I like tea, and coffee. As an addiction, like me and the 90’s. She’s my wife

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Ice tea rocks!

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I’m definitely a fan of white tea. Some red teas.

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The Brits and the Japanese have the right idea. Tea is a necessity. I love fresh brewed iced tea, especially Tazo brand Awake (black) and Om (green with citrus). But I hate the gnarly stuff that passes for iced tea at fast food restaurants. There’s something that happens when running it through the soda tap that makes it have an icky, stale flavor. Diners like Dennys and Cocos usually do a good job with iced tea, probably because they make it fresh and often, plus I love those vintage curvy glasses that the serve it in.

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