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Do you think the rather stunning reports from Ukraine suggest that tanks as offensive weapons may now be obsolete?

Asked by HP (6425points) March 28th, 2022 from iPhone

Advances in technology have clearly swung the balance from the offensive advantage of armor to the defensive dominance of hand held weapons. And doesn’t this situation by extension have unsettling implications regarding the future of staggeringly expensive aircraft carriers?

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Tanks are just one piece in a collection of strategies and weapons.

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No, the issue in Ukraine is that tanks have to be accompanied by air support and infantry, to avoid being caught from above by drones, or from the side by Panzerfausts. Russia failed to do that, and just sent the tanks in in straight columns on open roads, with no air support, and the infantry huddled in APCs.

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Would you choose to be confined in one?

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@ragingloli That’s an interesting point Loli. Those panzerfausts came about late in the Second World War, and that was very fortunate for the Allies, who patently suppressed any knowledge of the flagrant inferiority of their own armor as well as the lethal toll of those Panzerfausts in ambushing Shermans. Today, the one disadvantage to those weapons has been eliminated. A man with a hand held weapon no longer has to be close to his target to destroy it.

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I feel that it’s time for WAR to become obsolete!!!

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As a consequence, I suspect the US Army will look into building AT-ATs for the bargain price of $[crippling debt for future American generations].

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The Russians are losing a lot of tanks in Ukraine, around 318 at the moment, half destroyed and half captured or abandoned. Modern fire and forget missiles seem pretty effective at taking them out and the high rate of tanks being abandoned may be a sign that tank crews recognise this. That, and the fact they have no real idea of why they are there.

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I just came across this article about an anti-tank weapon that the Ukrainians are using that you can build at home.

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Here is a recent video addressing just that question:

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It’s been known since mid-World-War II that armored vehicles are vulnerable to infantry attacks . . . but also that what an army ought to do about that, is bring their own infantry along on foot at the same time . . . which, the Russians have not been doing the way they should.

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