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What does playing a lot of video game/s do to your intelligence? See detail.

Asked by chefl (440points) 1 month ago

I guess it depends what kind of video game but
does it say that it increases or reduces intelligence in this or similar sites?

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Your IQ is less important than these claimed negative results of gaming.

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Playing games improves your intelligence. (And the site says some studies say that.)

It’s self-evident, because you have to learn games, and think and solve problems and react to things and so on (more in some games that others).

However, many other activities and subjects can also exercise and develop your intelligence, and variety is good, as are physical activities and other things that are different from video games, and video games take time, so “playing a lot of video games” may be less useful than playing some video games (or not) but also doing and thinking about a variety of other things, as well.

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Having been a gamer in my youth and then after a long hiatus again as an adult I can tell you as long as you set time boundaries the positives far outweigh the negatives. The negatives have been greatly exaggerated. It’s a highly developed art form now and if you’re not playing then you are missing out. Really.

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I don’t know about any study but my personal experience says that when “a lot” term is added in this equation, it will start to degrade the senses.

My brother is the best example for that. He plays video games every day, he does that for youtube but he isn’t seem to be improving in his studies and constantly been failing in his exams.

I don’t know how well he plays but video games isn’t life. He needs to go out, have fun and play outdoor games more than video games. He once told me to play tomb raider, I did so and I admit it’s addicting, but after an hour of play I started getting headache. I had to breath in fresh air after that but the headache didn’t go away for the entire day.

So my conclusion is that video games are fun and may probably improve intelligence in a different sort of way but one should always focus on outdoor games for proper development of mind and body. Because healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

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