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Stairs or Elevator?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) September 18th, 2008

You’ve got to go down 1 story. Do you take the stairs or elevator? 2 stories? 3? What’s your cutoff?

Is it the same number for going back up?

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stairs. Happilly climb about 3 – maybe 4 levels before I’d think about using the lift.

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My rule was about not breaking a sweat, which would come from a three story ascent, but I suppose that can vary by building climate.

Down was fine in all cases, except the one when I naively walked into the stairwell on the 56th floor at a job a long time ago and had to walk all the way to the ground floor to get out.

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Stairs down, always, unless I happen to be in a skyscraper or something, though I don’t know why that would happen. I would cap my upward limit at three flights of stairs, or four stories.

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Stairs, unless I’m with someone who has to use the elevator. The building I work in only has 4 stories, so I’m not breaking much of a sweat.

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In most cases down the stairs as a rule. Going up my cut-off is five flights.

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I have bad knees and asthma. I NEVER take the stairs, unless I’ve no other choice.

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When I was younger, I would always take the stairs, just for the exercise,

Today, I need an elevator, due to crippling arthritis.

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Stairs, when I can! I don’t miss living in a 5 floor walk-up, though!

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I work on the fifth floor of a 5 story building and will take the stairs if I’m going up or down a floor or two. If I’m going from 1 to 5 in either direction I’ll take the elevator.

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I have Fibromyalgia and mild asthma, so 1 flight up is my max, and on bad days not even that. Down is much easier, but still only 3 flights.

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I always take the stairs. Unless I have to go up…

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Stairs for down. 3–4 floors is cut off for going up. Unless that’s my only exercise for the day. When I lived in dorms, and was too busy with classes, I used to use the stairs exclusively as “exercise”. I lived on the 9th floor… Climbing stairs is actually really good exercise. And you don’t need any extra machines to help with it and aren’t really “wasting” time since you are still getting to your destination.

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None, I take the elevator, I’m part of the “tired” generation

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Depends on how much of a rush I’m in.
I find that the escalators are usually more crowded.
(And I usually get stuck because it’s impossible to pass people.)

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1–2 floors (if I’m not carrying anything big), I’ll take the stairs – it’s just faster!
3 or more, I’d consider the speed of the lift and layout/traffic on the staircase before deciding.

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Stairs, all the way. Elevators are part of the culture of obesity (at least in the States).

I climb lighthouses, so I don’t really care about the height!
The adrenaline is good for you anyway, after a good stair run.

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This is distantly related to the subject matter, and I hope no one minds too terribly much, if I share this with you, which was told to me by a friend of mine, who is a professional comedian in Las Vegas:

At the Union Plaza Hotel/Casino, in the free parking area, there is a sign that has been painted over in such a way, that the word under the paint job reads:


One day, as my friend was walking from his car to the hotel entrance, an elderly couple stopped him and said, “Excuse us, but do you speak Spanish at all? We don’t understand what that sign says.”

My friend, totally serious said, “The ‘vah TOR’ is a funny room in the hallway, that moves up and down, like a dumbwaiter, but it’s big enough for human beings to ride in it, just as if they were dishes.”

They believed him, thanked him, and continued on their way, grateful to have learned a new “Spanish” word.

That’s a true story, I swear.

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Once, I came upon a woman and her daughter at the mall. They were standing at the bottom of the escalator and looked a little desperate. So I walked up to them and asked them what the problem was (and if I could help them in some way).

They both pointed up at the escalator. The escalator was out of service.
They’re not working and the elevators aren’t working either! We can’t get up! We’re stuck!

It took me a few seconds to register that they weren’t joking before I replied.
Ummm…just pretend they’re stairs?

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C’mon! You’re kidding, right?

Gawd hasn’t made people that stupid! (Besides a few of my cousins…)

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JackA: Maybe they were your cousins.
For the future of mankind, you would hope not.
But, alas, it is true. We are truly doomed.

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@Nimis: Ever heard this? “An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You would never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.” ~Mitch Hedberg

As for me, I work in a 15 Floor hotel. I’m elevatin’, no questinos asked. In any other place though? I have busted feet. So two flights is my cap.

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Asm: Ha…that’s awesome. Maybe too awesome.
I would be tempted to jack that sign. And we’d be back at square one

I used to live on the eighth floor of my dorms and always took the stairs.
But that was when I was young, full of energy…and terribly foolish.

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Stairs always. I keep being told by my manager at work that I’m to use the lift (I walk with a stick because of arthritis and have asthma) but I keep telling her that my Grandmother always told me when I was first diagnosed that its “use it or lose it”. I do believe that if I started using stairs, then someday I wouldn’t have the option anymore because my old bones would stiffen up even more than they do already lol.
hugs all xx

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