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Who's a writer you never get tired of recommending?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35235points) 1 month ago

Terry Pratchett!

Have you read any of the Discworld books? Huh? No? Oh! Start with the Colour of Magic and just keep going. I think there are 29 books. (Honestly, it’s brilliant satire.)

What writer do you love to recommend to people? It could be a novelist, an essayist, a historian, anyone. Who do you fan-girl for?

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Susan Sontag (her essays), John Fowles (in particular his novel “The Magus”), Umberto Eco, Jorge Luis Borges, and Haruki Murakami are probably the writers I talk about the most. They are all writers that through reading their works I became more passionate about reading.

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Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series is one I recommend widely.

Kate Atkinson

Anthony Trollope

Colsun Whitehead, particularly The Nickel Boys

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Octavia Butler

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@canidmajor I picked my first Octavia Butler for book club in October.

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@janbb, which one? Kindred? (That’s the one that usually gets people hooked.)

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@canidmajor Yes, I love time travel anyway so I figured that was the one to pick.

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And remember that she wrote it in the 70s, which makes it more interesting and poignant.

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Pat Conroy

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I don’t usually recommend authors. Is that kind of weird?

If someone brings up a particular author, I may chime in. But I really don’t tend to recommend books or music.

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