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Was it hubris or plain stupidity that made Dominos think it had a chance in hell to be successful in Italy?

Asked by ragingloli (50597points) 1 month ago

Naturally, after a mere 7 years of fruitless endeavour, they have closed up shop:

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LOL, that sounds like going to Hell to sell the Devil some fire.

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It isn’t like Domino’s is anywhere near what one would call “Italian” food. It is nothing like pizza.

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I heard this on NPR this morning and was shocked that Domino’s would even think about marketing schlock even Americans rate repugnant in the place renowned for the best pizza in the world. It’s kinda sad.

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The lattere.

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Consider the identity of the Dominos founder (Monaghan), and his America-first, right-wing conservative background. I imagine he felt he was bringing ‘civilization’ to the primitime Europeans.

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^^ Got it! Dominos failed in Italy because they were right wing.

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It’s only slightly less stupid than McDonald’s trying to sue a restaurant in Scotland for having the same name.

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I thought it was common knowledge that America was just watered down, stolen cultures. Guess not.

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^ Where would we be without ” watered down, stolen cultures?” Most every culture has been built that way.

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I was curious whether Taco Bell tried to conquer Mexico, and apparently that failed twice there.

I can only imagine it’s a sort of hubris. A lot of these fast food chains succeed because people don’t know any better, and it just won’t work in places where they do know better.

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I don’t know, Raya….ask a Native American, if you can find one….

Ask artists why executives own the masters to their music.

Ask some of these corporations why a black person’s natural hair is deemed “unprofessional”.
Where would we be? In a place with more respect and less prejudice, Raya….

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@Blackberry I didn’t mean to sound like I approved this, but if you look back in history there was always some tribe taking from another. Look what the white man stole from the Native Americans. Look at the Roman Empire, you think they didn’t steal from all the peoples they conquered? Even Christianity stole ideas and customs from the pagans. I’m not going through all of human history but some simple research can prove my point.

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Literally everyone knows.

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