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What do you think would happen, if you dropped an unwrapped Baby Ruth candy bar into a swimming pool?

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Okay, you just took the silly train to crazy town, mister. LOL! Probably this…

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Wow- how did you find that so fast?!
Did you already know about this?

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Absolute classic from 40 years ago. Every old timer knows it. How did the kid hear about it?

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I typed in baby ruth swimming pool and this was the first thing that came up

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Had this technology been available when I was your age, my life would almost certainly have been in front of a screen to the exclusion of the world. I can’t decide whether I would be better off.

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I love technology don’t know where we’d be without it :) Now if I could just use emojis and gifs. lol

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I saw that movie :-)

Lest you forget, read this about Elon Musk’s use of a poop emoji.

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Oops, that one sure backfired. lol

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To get the proper effect you’d have to let it get warm then mold it into shape. JS.

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It would sink.

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…a gopher dances to Kenny Loggin’s song “I’m Alright”
and it’s going to look all cute.

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About the same as in Gooinies

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