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What's the silliest thing you believed as a child?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 2 weeks ago

I believed that fairies were real and I would look for them everywhere. I once saw these leaves on a weed moving when there was no breeze and could swear that the fairies were doing that. I must have looked for what seemed like hours. I think I was four.

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I believed that Labour Day was for expectant mothers.

In high school I believed that I was a descendant of Abraham Lincon because we both might have had Marfans syndrome (Being tall and lanky).

I believed that my mom was King Charles iii twin sister, because they were born in the same day, same year. It would explain why my mom is so awesome.

I believed that Garfield was a calico (mistaken for green and orange) cat and couldn’t reproduce.

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I believed in “God.”

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There used to be a cartoon called “Sinbad the Sailor”. Sinbad had a magic belt that made him super strong. In the 5th grade a classmate claimed he had a belt like this but his father wouldn’t allow him to show anybody. Can’t believe I fell for that.

Sinbad opening theme:

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@SABOTEUR That was cute ;)

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I believed that north was up, south was down, east was on my left (no matter which was I was facing) and west was toward my right. I think that was a pretty common belief among kiddos

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I also believed that my family were Mormons because my great-grandparents were Moormanns. name from Germany

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I believed that aborted baby’s souls went to Hell, or Limbo, and that Is why Christians were against it.
I DON’T believe in it now.

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Believed Santa was real.

Believed God and Jesus were real.

Believed ghosts were real, and that one called Rebecca was haunting for school and even possessed one my friends (lots of us believed in this one)

Believed adults were intelligent and wise.

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I convinced myself that I had magical powers because I could blow soap bubbles and then command them to rise in the air, by raising my hands up and chanting “rise” (thereby generating lift in the air column). Believing I had magical powers was so exhilarating! and yet when I realized the basic physics (as well as a child can) it was pretty deflating being non-magical.

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The world was black & white in the old days.

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I was perplexed every time my Father would drive past a sign that said “No Passing Zone”

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When shown a globe of the world I thought human beings all lived inside it. It made sense to me. Why would people choose to live outside their home?

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That you could catch a bird by putting salt on its tail. My grand paw told me that and I believed it.

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I got a grin out of these!

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@smudges me too, this was a fun one :)

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My older siblings thought it would be funny to convince me to replant a grape stem. That it would regrow grapes.

I think I watered that thing for a month while my siblings were probably rolling with laughter.

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^^ So that didn’t work? :(

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