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Bird feeder for 2nd story window?

Asked by Entropy (2017points) 2 months ago

I’d like to put up a bird feeder, but I want it near a 2nd story window with screens over the lower half (the half that opens). There’s no easy 2nd floor access to that outside. Short of pulling a ladder out everytime I want to refill the feeder, does anyone have a good feeder/suggestion for this? Is there a feeder that can be serviced with a pole maybe?

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Try a swing arm like this !

Mount it to window frame.

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Are there near enough trees to hang it on?

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I think the problem that the OP stated is having access to the feeder because the window is screened. I don’t know that either of those ideas would solve that problem.

Perhaps having the feeder hung with some kind of pulley system attached to lower it to the ground for refilling would work?

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Forget about it.
Don’t put a bird feeder anywhere near your house. It encourages rodent activity. We put up seed feeders on our house and little Red Squirrels took up residence in our attic and chewed through wires. Lot of big rats too. Took a lot of work, time and money to evict the rodents and repair the damage.

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Open the window and let the birds come inside.

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