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Does Siri play more free music compared to Alexa?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29000points) October 21st, 2022 from iPhone

I noticed that between my Alexa and a friend’s Siri device…Siri plays more selection of songs I like to listen to and for free. Alexa offers more songs but not for free. My friend is indisposed so I couldn’t ask if he pays Siri a fee for music service. Thank you.

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I believe that the amount of music Alexa plays is directly related to the deal you have in place with Amazon. They have a plan where you can pay $89.00 (unless they’ve changed it) per year for unlimited play. Now, IF you have another deal with Amazon, that may supersede this deal. Over the years, I’ve purchased a LOT of music via Amazon & I can also play those as well.

I’ve never had any experience with Siri, so NO clue how she works!!!

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Use Youtube.

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NOT that interested as my Alexa works just fine for my needs!!!

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