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Does any store sell an unwelcome mat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24182points) December 3rd, 2022

For your front door?
Do you know anyone who uses it?

I’m not going to buy one. I just wanted to know for giggles.

Humorous, and real answers welcomed

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Of course, they are all over Amazon. “You have no reason to be here”

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I saw a cartoon once that had a guy entering a small store. Inside, the shelves were all up high where no one could reach them. He asked the clerk why they were so high. The clerk pointed to the sign on the wall behind him. It said “Inconvenience Store”.

Sorry, but your question reminded me of that LOL

An unwelcome mat would be perfect for those guys in dress shirts and ties who ride bicycles around, knock on your door and try to talk to you about god.

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Sure try Etsy
These are some crazy ones..

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Definitely seen that. Better is the Jump to Conclusions Mat.

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I know someone that has a welcome mat that just says “Go Away”

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My neighbor’s door mat reads…
All dogs welcomed…People tolerated.
She’s always very polite when she answers the door, but I always wonder IF I’m being tolerated whenever I approach her door!!!

I used to have one that read…
If you didn’t call before coming over, don’t bother to knock
ALL my friends knew that I was serious. Being elderly & disabled, I just don’t answer my door IF nobody called to say they were coming to visit. Lady across town was beaten to death after opening her door. The murderer was NEVER caught…so, I just don’t do it!!!
BTW, I say “used to have” as somebody stole it & I didn’t bother to replace it.

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^^ That poor woman!

I’m upset with the makers of my door – the peephole is 5’8” from the floor and due to an achilles tendon tear/repair I can’t stand on my tiptoes (I’m 5’6”). The peephole should be no higher than 5’4”; taller people can always stoop but shorter people can’t always stretch. I don’t have lots of visitors, but I suppose I should buy a small stool and keep it next to the door. Although if I saw someone I didn’t know and called through the door to them, I probably couldn’t hear their response. :D Getting old is hell.

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^^ I had the same problem with my peephole. I thought it was so high because the husband who lived here previously was really tall. I bought me another peephole & installed one where I wanted it. I’m 5’5” & I stoop just a bit to see out. My problem is the peephole isn’t clear enough to see who is on the other side of the door. I’m keeping my eye open for a clearer one but haven’t found it yet.

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^^Have you tried cleaning it with alcohol and a q-tip? It might just be dirty. If that’s not the problem, good luck with finding a new one! :)

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