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Have you deliberately gone the opposite from what your GPS tells you when going home?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16983points) September 29th, 2018

To explore the world? To get the furthest away from home?

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Absolutely. Sometimes the thing is just completely messed up, it’s impossible or illegal to go the way it wants me to.

It was made to serve me not the other way around.

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I rarely need GPS to go home. I’ve explored A LOT in my time, mostly before I had any GPS.

Sometimes I do torment the GPS to see what it will say. Fairly often it gives some bad directions.

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I don’t know if it’s opposite, but I take different routes than GPS tells me all of the time, and yes, sometimes it’s when I’m heading home. I take country roads through ranches, or try to catch the glimpse of a lake. Sometimes it’s trying to save miles or time or avoid traffic lights, and sometimes that is a colossal failure, sometimes it works.

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Frequently. It’s there as a backup in case I truly get lost. But I would much rather just explore on roads I have never been on before,

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No. I don’t need it to tell me how to get home. I just retrace my steps.

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I myself have not, but I sometimes nip our chauffeur on the base of his neck while he drives so that he swerves a little & startles us both.
Tends to brighten up tedious long journeys so hey…no harm in that.

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