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I usually Google reviews for an item I’m interested in. So maybe you could do that and see if they get good reviews. They do look warm.

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They do look warm & Amazon sells them for $35—$40 a pair. Sadly, NONE had been rated & most only had 2 or 3 pairs available. Personally, that would make me nervous about buying them. Most were either small or extra small. I didn’t see the size on eBay. Don’t know IF they didn’t post it or if I just missed it!!! Oops…went back & looked again. They only had them in large. They can be returned IF you’re willing to pay the postage to return them.Not sure what to tell you other than do you have $9 to waste if they’re useless???

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I would go to a store where you can try them on and see first hand (pun intended) how they feel and if they would be warm enough. Try Target or Kohl’s.

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They ship from Stowe, Vermont (famous ski area), but I couldn’t find out where they’re made – probably in VT. Those people know cold! I grew up there. Here’s another site that has them, you might get more info. They come in S M L.

Tbh, I’d be a little nervous about paying only $8 for cold weather mittens, but it also depends on if you’re talking about a southern winter or an Idaho / Montana winter.

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If you have to pay the shipping to return them, if you don’t like them, then it’s almost easier to just keep them. Therefore, I agree with @LadyMarissa, if you have 9 dollars to gamble, then go for it. Otherwise, buy from a site where you can return easier or from which you know is more reliable.

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When you look for warm mittens, consider what you would do if they get damp inside. If the waterproof shell cannot be separated from the lining, there is nowhere for the moisture to go, so it just sits there. I know this because I have spent many years skiing.

So, the mitten @smudges provides looks like a great option, as long as the mittens don’t get damp inside. However, the description suggests you wear a fabric glove inside the mitten to increase the warmth. This would be a good solution to the dampness issue.

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