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Where can I get a cloak in the Bay Area? (not a costume, a real, usable, warm one)

Asked by zina (1653points) March 27th, 2008

A nice cozy and soft, hopefully hooded, preferably natural-material cloak. Not flimsy and cape-like, but a sturdy material.

European shops? Folk / old-fashioned / handmade clothing shops?

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Was zum Teufel tun Sie wollen ein Mantel?

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To bad you only want one from the Bay area because in New Orleans they have a place that sells them called Body Hangings. So if you travel there look them up.

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I think some of the funkier thrift shops in the Mission might be a good place to look. There is one on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero, on the North side of the street, that I imagine might have a cloak like that. Otherwise, try the amazing Alameda antiques market, which is the first Sunday of every month in the Alameda naval base. It is a huge awesome market and they have tons of unusual and funky clothing. You have to pay to get into the fair ($5–10 depending on how early you go) but it’s worth it. Another option, if you’re willing to pay, is call the folks who run Stitch, the DIY sewing school and shop in Hayes Valley, and see if one of their sewing/crafts artists will make you one on comission. It might be less expensive than you think, since a cloak is probably only one or two pieces and quick/easy to sew. You could also pick out the fabric yourself and get exactly what you are looking for.

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If you do not mind paying for a handcrafted one online, Half Moon (google it, I’m on my iPhone) sell amazing things. I own four of them and use them all the time. They are on the pricy side though because they handcrafted, handstiched, and made from 100% wool

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Check out the Scottish woollen goods at some of the many Highlands Games events in the Bay Area, including the big one in Pleasanton at Labor Day. Also consider SCA events such as the Renaissance Faire, and try the Dickens Fair at Christmastime. Folks into medieval garb and Victorian costumes will have cloaks to sell or know where to get them.

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I know a woman who makes them. If you contact me, I can tell you all about it, or look at her site here:

The cloaks are no longer on etsy, but the multiply site has pictures.

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Macy’s, or Burlington Coat Factor, I saw some gorgeous one’s early in the fall at JC Penny.. Many of the stores carry them up past Christmas so I would call around before I had to drive around meeting perhaps with frustration and or disappointment .

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