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Best place to get outdoor gear for someone only 5' tall?

Asked by syz (35938points) September 30th, 2010

I’ve got about a month until my trip, 8 days on the A.T. in Shenandoah, and I need some gear (I usually camp during the summer, so I’m lacking in cool/cold weather gear). I’ll be trying on some stuff at R.E.I. and Dicks, and I’ve been looking at Cabella’s, but no one caters to we wee folk (I’m much too, um, well-endowed to wear kids stuff). Any suggestions?

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L.L. Bean Petites?

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Lands’ End also carries women’s petites. And who knew? They carry their lines in some Sears stores. Here is a link to locate a store closest to your location.

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Are you male or female? I’m not sure which area you are endowed in? I am surprised there is not winter gear for a 5’ woman? What exactly do you need? Coat? Pants?

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I think you are in the same state as I am – try Great Outdoor Provision Co. if there’s one near you, or, as you mentioned, REI. I believe REI carries small/women’s sizes in many of their equipment (backpacks, sleeping bags) though you may have to order the small sizes online. But they will deliver to the store for free and, if it doesn’t fit, you can return it to the store. Both have excellent sales staffs who will help you fit things properly. Don’t waste your time at Dicks for the serious gear – their salespeople seem to know nothing about camping gear, as a rule.

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Dunno if there’s an Eddie Bauer store at a mall near you, but their website does offer an online catalog for petite women, including their First Ascent brand of outdoor gear, like long underwear.

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I’m 4’9’’ and I always found that the burlington coat factory always had something that would fit me. And, like you, I am way to well endowed to wear children’s clothes.

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I am a 5’2” woman and found short length pants at REI

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For clothing only, try – they carry petites in pants and such. Not sure about jackets and other tops. It’s mostly exercise gear – the “hiking” pants I bought from them snagged, though they were certainly comfortable and wicking/breathable.

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Ok, guys, I have now spent an obscene amount of money at Great Outdoor Provision (caprilene, fleece, and boots), L.L. Bean (rain gear), and Lands End (pants). Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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REI online has a wide range of sizes, and a good return policy. My buddy sometimes buys 3 different sizes of something and returns the two that don’t fit.

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Make sure you go to an outdoor outfitter not at a mall or chain and get your backpack fitted to your back.

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I’m also an avid camper and I get my camping stuff on outdoor gear , they have the best gears.

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