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Is it good hygiene to wash ones hands before and after using the washroom?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24159points) December 12th, 2022

Just wondering.

Would it help?

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You’re supposed to wash your hands after going to the bathroom. I don’t think of it as optional, I think of it as “a must.” The kids in my daughter’s nursery school learned it from as soon as they were going to the bathroom.

I will wash my hands before going to the bathroom only if I feel my hands are dirty, like if I am in the city and was touching public transportation and stuff like that, or if I was eating and have food on my hands, and don’t want to get my clothes dirty.

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Well, it’s always good hygiene to wash your hands, especially now in covid times; but I don’t see any special necessity before using the bathroom. After, yes.

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It depends on just what it was exactly that you had your hands in before going to the bathroom.

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Dude 1: My momma taught me to wash my hands after peeing.

Dude 2: My Momma taught me not to pee on my hands.

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You should wash your hands after. Now…if you’re not in a public restroom and you’re 100% confident that your hands encountered nothing sketchy…is it the worst thing if you skip? No. But I would still consider it good etiquette to wash them, even if it not hygienically mandatory.

Washing before? No. Unless I went in with greasy/dirty hands. But not normally.

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I wash my hands after, so not to spread disease.

I wash my hands before, because I don’t want to get disease on my junk.

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I use the same procedure as @filmfann. I wash before and after. It’s easy to do – and free.

Things are hot and sweaty down there. I’d rather not introduce anything that might grow in that environment.

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Probably doesn’t matter beforehand.

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Only if you are a mechanic or a printer repairman.

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@rockfan I think it does matter, in the examples I gave, if you have been on public transportation or in a public space, or have food on your hands. Further descriptive details given by @LuckyGuy.

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