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Why do some people have different personal food preferences?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24054points) February 25th, 2023

For example:

I like milk chocolate and dislike dark chocolate.

I love chuck steaks, but hate sirloin.

I love dark meat rotisserie chicken and dislike white meat.

This is different from my previous question a year ago. As I want to know why we have food preferences?

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It’s just one of those things. Call it fate.

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I don’t pass on foods for flavor only. Some foods I dislike because of appearance, and some for texture.
I refused cheesecake as a child because I thought cheese did not belong in cake.

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How about this: I like steak but I never eat it. I don’t eat red meat. I like chocolate milk but seldom drink it. I do dislike dark chocolate, too bitter. I really don’t like strawberries. Pretty much never eat any fruit at all.

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It’s odd isn’t it? DNA probably.

I read that only about 13% of us like mustard, which is a beneficial superfood.
We’d be great roomies, our tastes are opposites haha!

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Sounds like a good question for my serpent tongue.
It all depends on which side of my tongue savors it first.

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