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Are you interested in watching an interview about fluther from 14 years ago?

Asked by JLeslie (65476points) March 13th, 2023 from iPhone

YouTube sent me this as a suggestion. I don’t remember ever searching YouTube about fluther.

I thought some of you might be interested. At the very end they give some stats.

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Wow! Thanks for posting, @JLeslie. Hard to believe they had 200,000 visitors per month and about 10,000 members at one time.

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@janbb I thought the same thing about the numbers. That’s why I wanted to mention it so people watched to the end. I’m glad you liked it.

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@JLeslie Funnily, I’ve been on it since a year or two after the beginning and I don’t remember there ever seeming to be that many members although there certainly was more activity than now.

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Thanks, @JLeslie, very interesting.

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Thanks for posting @JLeslie . Very interesting.

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I had not seen that before. Thanks @JLeslie for posting that!

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That was the heyday. Nice find!

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Very Interesting. I didn’t know that people get shunned.

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I’m actually a little sad watching that video, watching them talking about their dreams about the site.

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I agree, @Caravanfan and hearing them talk about how much it was growing, at that time, and now is barely holding on.

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That’s true but on the other hand, how many sites are still in existence 15 years on!

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@janbb Mostly probably because it doesn’t cost him much and he doesn’t have to pay anybody.

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@Caravanfan True but it’s also the fact that there are loyal members.

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Fascinating stuff!
The numbers surprised me. 10k members after a year?

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@filmfann I remember a time around 2008–2009 when there were so many members! That said, I am wondering if, of the 10k, there were a lot who joined but didn’t post, or didn’t post much.

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@jca2 Yes, we never had that many posting for sure.

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I would often share this video when a new user would ask how Fluther started. I believe it was originally shared on the site when Fluther interviews were a thing.

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