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Do you still call businesses and/or houses by what they were known as years ago?

Asked by chyna (51104points) May 2nd, 2023 from iPhone

I was giving directions to someone and told them the business they were looking for was beside Fas Chek. It hasn’t been Fas Chek in 20 years. It has been many other businesses.
Or I have said, “you know that street where the Richard’s lived?” They have actually been dead since I was 18.

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Hahaha, yes! Our town is very old, so many businesses were here for a long time and are now gone. Everybody knew what I meant when I said recently that I went to not-Dr Kim, then got my prescription filled at not-Howes, then had lunch at not-Harrison’s. Trying to explain to out-of-towners where to meet can be problematic. :-)

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Yes! The Deal Test Site has been Joe Palaia Park for many years but it isn’t to me!

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All the time. One of the hazards of growing old.

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100%. Once a certain place, always that place…

Unless I’m trying to give directions to an out of towner…

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At one point I was a dispatcher for a trucking company. This was before cell phones were a thing. We had a delivery & the driver wanted to take a shortcut to his next stop & asked the best way to get there. I told him to take a left out of the lot & to go down to the 3 cows & turn right. He looked at me like I was crazy. I explained that he was out in the country & that there was NO street sign where he needed to turn, but the 3 cows are ALWAYS standing there in the corner of the fence. He said OK but I could tell he didn’t believe me. About 2 weeks later he was back with another delivery. He laughed & told me that in his 25 years of driving that I was the first person to give him directions saying to turn at the 3 cows. I asked him if he got lost. He said no that those dayum 3 cows were standing there watching him turn when he got there…another first.

Yes, we give a lot of directions here to go to the old Jenkin’s farm & turn right, or go to the 7–11 & turn left. 7–11 left & came back 3 time. This last time they forgot to come back!!!

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Absolutely, and some of it is very deliberate and others simply habit.

I still call Washington National Airport (DCA) “National” or “Washington National,” I won’t call it Reagan. Not because Reagan was a Republican, but because it’s outrageous to me that it was changed from the name Washington.

I still usually call Bethesda Naval Hospital “Navy” even though a lot of people seem to be using Walter Reed now.

Less likely – local stores or restaurants I’d probably say, “where X used to be” if I didn’t know the name of the new store or if it was just completely gone. Usually, I would use the new store name though.

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Yes. And one of my pet peeves as well.
There are sports stadiums in and around town, along with city parks and such that have had their names changed. Some more than once! Very confusing.

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If they don’t know it by the old name then I guess they will be lost..

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Great America amusement park is still referred to as Marriots.
The Giants still play at Pac Bell Park.
Sugar Crisp cereal, not Golden Crisp.

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They changed the name of the Fleet Center in Boston to be able to call it the Boston Gawhden!

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If you do this, and you are talking to a newcomer, you will be telling them that you are beyond stupid. The first time this happened to me I was lost on a country road, and was obviously from out of state. I asked a lady how to get back to the Interstate, and she said, “Turn right up there where that church burned down 8 years ago!” When I asked her to explain in terms that would make sense to someone who had never been there before, she gave me the oddest and blankest look! I drove on and eventually found my way.

Another time I was trying to find the main door to the local high school. I had driven all the way around the building, and could not locate it because every entrance looked exactly the same to me. It was so strange.

I found a student coming out of one of the doors, and asked her where the main door to the school was. Her reply- “Oh, it’s around front!”

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@snowberry Yeah, rule number one in communication, know your audience. Those people were ridiculous and unhelpful.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the person in the first story has no sense of direction and uses landmarks to get everywhere. Or, just totally unable to put herself in someone else’s shoes.

The second story it was a young person so we can let it slide I guess. People need to be taught customer service and helping people, it’s not natural to everyone.

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No I’m pretty particular. I always learn the new name and use it, so others will know what I am talking about. Even if I have fond memories of the old place.

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Yup. House on the corner is “Joe’s house”.

Joe has been dead for twenty years.

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Yes, sometimes. Depends on the place, and whom I’m talking to.

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