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Are there any tricks that you use as an adult that you used to do as a child?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24641points) May 13th, 2023

I sing the alphabet song to remember the order of the letters in the English alphabet.

I still do as a 45 years old.

What do you do?
Do you sing the alphabet song too? Even quietly to yourself?

Humor welcome.

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Wink my right eye to tell me which direction is right.

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A bajillion things. I’m not sure how to even think of this as a category, or imagine someone who doesn’t use techniques they learned as children (when we learn most of the things we know about daily life), or what you mean by a trick versus a technique, or whatever. And, when you think childhood ends.


alphabet song like you
how I tie my shoes
how not to wet the bed, by checking whether I’m dreaming or not before I pee
how to roll and cross my eyes
how to whistle
how to raise eyebrows independently
ways to not wet or poop myself, and/or hold it when needed
how to get mosquito bites to not itch, using fingernails
how to go to sleep by imagining and immersing in stories and scenes and so on
how to run faster than most people
how to shoot rubber bands very accurately
how to build a fire
how to invent interesting games
how to program a computer

Ok, it’s endless . . .

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WEDD-NEZ-DAY plays in my head when I spell Wednesday.

Same with FRY-ENDS for friends.

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^ tons of that, especially for English. Because it’s my second language, or because English spelling is weird? Not sure.

I also count my knuckles to find out which months are “long” and which are “short”.

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Amazing card tricks that I learned as a child are still effective.

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I couldn’t believe the first answer here…so related to mine. If someone says turn left or turn right, I have an instantaneous check by slightly moving the hand I “write” with. Of course, I don’t need to do this but I seem unable to not. I do it without a thought. And I turn the direction instructed.

There is also the “Every Good Boy Does Fine” mnemonic that those of us who took musical instrument or voice lessons fondly remember and use if need. There are quite a few musical notation cheats.

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@Dutchess_III – I make a fist with my right hand for the same reason.

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How interesting you guys! I wonder why we do that?

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The first thing I thought of was what @longgone said about using your knuckles to determine how many days are in a month. The rhyme never worked for me. Some things, like the alphabet, are just automatic and no longer require the song (usually).

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