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Should I give my credit card companies my updated income information?

Asked by jca2 (15744points) June 2nd, 2023

When I log on to one of my credit cards, it reminds me that they would like me to update my income information.

I ignore it. My income dropped within the past few years because I retired. I have money in other areas but I don’t see why I should tell them that. I’m not looking for a credit increase or a loan or anything.

Do you give your credit card companies your updated income information?

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First, they already know how much you have, so I see it as a waste of time. Still, I do it so they have NO reason to get an attitude!!!

Second,they already know you’re retired, so it doesn’t matter that your income went down some just as long as you continue to pay your bills. You’re NOT required to give them info on extra income including child support, interest, or whatever. Believe me, they know more about you than you know about you. I think they’re looking for honesty above anything else. You may ignore that message until next year if you like. It’s set to automatically pop up when you log in. You can answer it & it sometimes pops up on your next visit…frustrating!!!

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I never do.

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I ignore it, but if I wanted to get a higher limit I would probably give the information, because I assume they need the information to raise the limit. I don’t know if they actually need it.

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I never do, they mostly don’t pursue it.

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I never do. It’s data for them to determine what to offer you in their marketing/ads.

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I ignore such requests.

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