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What is an amount I should give as a bridal shower gift?

Asked by jca2 (16446points) June 17th, 2023

I am invited to a bridal shower next weekend, and my 16 year old daughter is invited as well, so it’s the two of us attending. The bride is marrying the son of my best friend. The location will be a fancy restaurant.

What is a good amount to give as a gift?

I’d really rather give a “gift” gift instead of money because I can get something nice for a reasonable price if I shop around, but the bride and groom already live together and probably have most things they need. On their online gift list, they have very few items, and mostly are looking for cash to fund their honeymoon.

I’m thinking between 50 and 100 is good but I really have no clue. Advice?

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Assume you’ll be invited to the wedding too and plan to pony up then as well? I think you’re in the right ball park for our area and would consider giving a check for $75. it sounds like you are pretty close to the family.

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Zackly what she ^^^ said. Great minds. :-)

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I often give a gift from the registry at the shower and then money for the wedding. I’d say $60—$75, but with wiggle room. If you wind up spending less you can always give more for the wedding gift and vice versa. The thing I hate about showers is the gifts are usually opened right there in front of everyone, so it is nice when it has a decent presentation and you know the bride will like it.

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Send 100 dollars.

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Other than the extremely obvious, there is no right or wrong here. Either $50 or $100 is a nice wedding gift.

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I tend to go high, so I was thinking $100. Knowing the groom is your best friend’s son reinforces that amount. I would go further to say expect to repeat a monetary gift at the wedding.

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Oh – here’s another idea. How about a gift card to a clothing store for some nice lingerie for her to pick out?

(I personally would not go as high as $100 if I could avoid it since I’m sure you will be giving a fair amount for the wedding gift.)

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^A gift card is also a nice idea.

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Usually, I’m the first to prefer money or a specific gift card that I know someone will spend, but at most showers they open all of the gifts to ooh and ah and so I think gift cards just don’t really work well at showers.

Plus, what if it’s a card to a place she doesn’t shop, then she has that sitting in her wallet. Another thing to keep track of or get around to and if it’s misplaced it’s lost.

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Depends on who it is and how close they are to you. If it’s just a friend then 50–100 is fine. If it’s a close relative or a close friend I usually give more.

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If it was a gift card to Victoria’s Secret or someplace else that’s know for lingerie, I think there would be ooohs and ahhhs at the shower. For a gift card like that, it doesn’t need to be someplace she usually shops, in fact, it would be more special if it wasn’t. I think it’s a great idea. A gift for both of them, that keeps on giving!

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@smudges Yeah, I guess that is a fairly safe bet.

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@Caravanfan More than that for a bridal shower?

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I would give $100, but everyone’s circumstances are different. Don’t cripple yourself.

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In all the bridal showers I’ve ever been to, which I admit the majority were twenty and thirty years ago, the gifts were “gifts” of either household stuff (pots, sheets, silverware, toaster, etc.) or lingerie. The bride would open the gifts at the shower and it was part of the party – everyone says ooh and aah when she opens each thing and holds it up. I am not sure how that would work with a bunch of envelopes with cash or gift cards but I’m willing to give cash if that’s what she prefers.

I agree with the person who pointed out that the tough part about gift cards is that they are something to keep track of. I have gift cards that I got when my daughter was born 16 years ago, which are in some type of wallet thing and I lost it in my room. Not sure if they will still be good if and when I find it but it’s distressing because that’s like money that I could be using which I never had the opportunity to.

I’ll let you know after next weekend what I ended up giving and what other people gave. In the meantime, please feel free to continue answering here because each and every answer is valued and each and every answer is interesting to me and probably to other Jellies as well. Thank you so much.

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@jca2 I wonder how complete their registry is. Some people just register for dishes and glasses and not much else. Some have everything from kitchen to bedding, etc.

I think baking dishes, immersion blender, hand mixer, and towels are always good gifts. You could get beach towels if you don’t want to worry about them matching the household colors, or white towels with their initials monogrammed if you want to personalize it. I really like the baking dishes with the plastic tops to keep items fresh or when bringing a dish to a party. Those are some of my go to gifts for showers.

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@JLeslie Yeah I may go to Costco and look around during the week and see what I can find. I see the couple has white plates on their registry so I may try to find some serving things for chips and dip or something like that. I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find anything.

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At the supermarket here (Publix) they sell baking dishes, kitchen gadgets, toasters, Pirex measuring cups and containers, and my favorite dish towels. So easy to buy practical gifts for housewarmings and showers. Some items the brands are on the cheaper side, but some items are great. Also, if you buy at Target I think you can get a gift receipt so they can exchange easily.

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I went to a wedding with a Lemonade pitcher and matching glasses ( Martinis ) as a gift from Villeroy & Boch outlet. The groom was a dear friend that went through my divorce and cancer. The bride was in a group of friends from twelve years before (this was her second marriage). The bride’s mother made a comment to the groom, “He must really like you two!” List price was $85 in 1983 bought it for $27 at the outlet.

It was truly beautiful !

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Okay in all reality I have never been to a Bridal shower.

But something really cute that I often see on Pinterest is a crafty basket with essentials such as facial products and lotions. It may cost around $60—$85 which I reckon is a very good price. Also, self-care items are always necessary so it’s not like anything is going to waste or the couple will ever have “too many” off.

I’m going to attach a few nice ones I found online.

I love the above. I hope you like them just as much.
Have fun at the event.

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I like @Tropical_Willie ‘s answer with the pitcher and glasses. Maybe something like that and a gift card or cash tucked in the greeting card. I wouldn’t go over $100 in total for the shower.

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I bought two sets of these at Costco, @ $30 each set, so I spent $60. If they google it, I spent 80 lol. They’re really beautiful knives, so nice I would like them myself but I don’t need them.

If they don’t want them, I can return them and get something else, or give them cash but they’re a practical gift and so I am guessing they will keep them.

The handles are zebra wood and rugged looking.

Opinions or criticism still welcomed.

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Really nice!

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Those are beautiful!

I’m particular about wood because of over-harvesting, whether it’s minor and small like this, or a big table, so I just had to look up Zebra wood. “An impressive tree reaching heights as high as 150 feet, Zebrawood grows natively in rainforests throughout tropical West African nations — notably Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo. Yes, Zebrawood is a sustainable hardwood because it comes from a managed forest.” Yayyy!

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That’s great, @smudges! Thanks for looking that up. I’m glad it’s not bad news. Maybe I’ll write it out and put it in with the gift.

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^^ I know right! I was wondering what I would do if it was bad news! Still not sure if I would have posted or not, but prolly not. LOL

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When they have dinner guests if anyone compliments them on the knives they will have that story to tell about the wood and how it was a gift from @jca2. Definitely write it up and include it. Good for a conversation starter.

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I figure even if they have steak knives, people can always use more for if they’re having a large party or dinner.

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Update: The shower was yesterday and the steak knives definitely got some “ooohhhs” from the guests. I didn’t do the write up of what @smudges wrote about zebrawood, because I was wrapping the gifts and writing out the card at the last minute (which is how I roll always) and I didn’t have time to find a nice piece of card stock or paper and cut it out and write it. It was a very nice shower but outside under a big pavilion outside the restaurant and it was very muggy and hot.

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^^ Yayyy! They were a hit!

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