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Jump ahead 50 years - the US is colonizing the moon and sending up teams of people - probably mostly men - to do construction. Would the US send up prostitutes as well?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32901points) August 8th, 2023

I’m comparing this situation to California and Colorado during the various gold rushes, and the construction of the Hoover dam, and similar times where it was largely men who did the work (mining, construction, etc.) in locations far away from their families.

No matter how remote, somehow there were always houses of ‘ill repute’ and women available to suit men’s sexual needs.

If we eventually colonize outer space, I’m assuming that the construction workforce will be mostly male. Since transport to space and subsistence will be highly controlled (rocket payload weight, food, water, air, etc.), decisions will be made about who can go.

My question: will the government (or whoever is colonizing) send prostitutes to keep male morale (and other things) up?

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No need.
Men will fuck everything with a heartbeat anyway.
Heck, they’ll fuck a tailpipe.

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I’ll assume the workforce is mostly robots.

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@rebbel Or each other.

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@elbanditoroso Your statement * “Since transport to space and subsistence will be highly controlled”* won’t hold up.

All it takes is one enterprising madam to buy four seats on SpaceX and rent out a crib from Elon and you have yourself the nicest little whorehouse on the Sea of Tranquility.

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If it is “mostly men”, the few women would experience a lot of sexual assault and rape.

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I wonder if some fool will try sticking his penis out into the vacuum of space and have it blowup. HA!

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@janbb Yeah, that was what I was hinting at.

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Not officially.

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I’m reminded of Churchills take on the Royal Navy “Ashore it’s wine, women and song; aboard its rum, bum and concertina.”

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Why send people. Construction will be A.I. and robots. Probably be like that in ten years.

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I’d think they’d medicate the men so SD to kill their sex drive. Problem solved and cheaper.

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@jca2 unrealistic. Do you really think that any male will sign up to be away on the moon for some period of time, with no access to women and no sex drive with which to enjoy ones self?

Emasculating men is not the way forward.

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@elbanditoroso It’s a start. lol

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I’m not even sure in such reduced gravity that men can get erections. But, tits would defy gravity so that could potentially be very frustrating. There would probably have to be centrifuges to produce enough artificial gravity just so a guy could go rub one out if he wanted to.

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