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Cheap Domain Names?

Asked by Carol (731points) September 23rd, 2008

If I wanted to buy 10–12 domain names (without hosting for the time being) what is the most reliable economical registry to select?

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We use namecheap since their control panel is pretty good. 1and1 is also cheap, as is godaddy. It just depends on how many advertisements your eye can handle.

MrMontpetit's avatar Epic. Be sure to watch their commercial on their page.

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These days the .com, .net, .orgs are all about the same price $8–9; the biggest difference is in which registrar you want to be stuck with because many will charge you a transfer fee if you ever get sick of them. GoDaddy’s system is probably the easiest I’ve found.

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Not quite sure, but I agree with jesse, Godaddy! All the Way!

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ebay has good prices, except the servers are in Nigeria

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i have used since

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