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Do you reverse sides when failing to open an individually wrapped food item?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24641points) November 14th, 2023

A pastry or something sealed in a plastic package?

I try one side, and if it doesn’t open I flip to the far side.

Do you do that too?

Should I keep with the one side?
Or should I try opening with another end?

How many times after do you lose patience, and take a knife to it?

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I bought eight chocolate Mr Kipling cakes from my local supermarket last night. They were encased in a clear plastic shell within colourful paper packaging. The cakes were small delicate things contained within impenetrable plastic, very tough and unyielding. It was impossible to extract the cakes from the packaging without using scissors or a knife.

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I get a knife or scissors.

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I get the scissors.
Some animals use their teeth.

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Since I have to open things one-handed, I keep a pair of kitchen shears within arms length for just such a problem.

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I have a bunch of pairs of scissors in the kitchen and one pair in the car for things like this.

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If I’m not in the house or car, I may ask someone or else I will just hold on to the bag till later (when I’m near scissors or someone else).

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Usually I just keep at it on one side. Or grab a pair of scissors if I can find one.

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