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What are some horrible wishes that one can make?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24182points) 1 week ago

Humor welcome.

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Wishing someone constant diarrhea and a nonfunctional sphincter.

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“I hope you have a daughter just like you”

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May six cartloads of graveyard clay be dropped on you.

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Wishing someone ill, would be horrible.

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Well, the list is practically endless, isn’t it.

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Guy walks into a bar and sees a tiny piano sitting on the bar top. Before he can ask about it, an equally tiny man in a tuxedo sits down at the piano and begins to play beautifully. The man is amazed.

“H-how?” he stammers. The bartender, holding a shiny lamp says, “Well, you see, this here lamp was found in my dumpster, but…”

The man, cuts off the bartender and greedily grabs the lamp from his hands. Rubbing it furiously he repeats, “I wish for a million bucks. I wish for a million bucks. I wish…”

Suddenly, a cloud of smoke poofs into the bar and, when it clears, reveals a million ducks waddling and quacking about the establishment.

The man is perplexed and turns to the bartender for answers.

Annoyed, the bartender says, “Yeah, and I didn’t wish for a 12-inch pianist either.”

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A man found a genie lamp, rubbed it, and the genie popped up and told him he would grab him three wishes. But, said he, there’s a catch. Whatever you wish for your ex-wife will receive two times the same thing.

The man wasn’t happy about that but he was too eager to get something for himself, so he said, my first wish is to get a million dollars. The genie waved his hand and, poof, the man had a million dollars. And now your wife has two million dollars, he said.

The man gave a scowl, but then said for his second wish, I would like a Maserati. The genie waved his hand and, poof, the man had a Maserati. And now your wife has two Maseratis, he said.

The man was really annoyed now so he took a moment to think and then with a smile on his face, he said, for my third wish, I want you to scare me half to death.

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A man finds a lamp and summons a Djinn.
Djinn: You have one wish.
Man: I wish I did not exist.
Djnn: Done.
Man: Nothng changed.
Djnn: Look agan.

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A prisoner serving a life sentence sees a lamp appear on the floor of his cell. He picks it up, rubs it and a Djinn appears.

Djinn: I am here to grant you three wishes.

Prisoner: My first wish is to pass through the bars of my cell.

The djinn lifts the man up and forces him slowly through the thick metal bars of the cell giving him an excruciating death.

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@ragingloli I gave you a GA, but really…grrrroan!

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May you irretrievably lose and forget all of your passwords.

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