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Anyone need a "free TV" offer (after 10 weeks' paid Internet)?

Asked by Zaku (30350points) November 24th, 2023

Sorry if this is a policy violation (?), but I just got surprised by an offer of a free 50” television, with the Internet plan I signed up to try.

The TV is a Black Friday only offer, which applies if you keep the Internet service for 10 weeks. The Internet is a 5G hotspot from T-Mobile, costs $50/month (+ $5 if you don’t sign up for auto-payements), no contract commitment, install fee waived and has a 15-day free trial.

The TV is a 50” Amazon Fire TV, list price $450 (on sale now for $290).

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Probably you’ll be bombarded with ads.

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Man, I’m so glad I use an antenna and tube TV. That sounds even less “free” than most free things, which I suppose speaks to the profit margins on internet service, and the long term income potential of allowing Amazon into your TV room,

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We already pay $50/month for Internet access.

I do wonder about what kind of privacy violations are built into the thing. Though if you use it as a computer monitor (as many reviewers do), that wouldn’t get them what they were fishing for.

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