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What problems have humans solved?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24595points) December 24th, 2023

Also what are problems that are not possible to be fixed, at this time?

Also please list what problems exist.

Humor welcome.

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Does any problem really stay solved?

Take the issue of human waste and sanitation. We ‘solved’ the problem of typhus and illness by coming up with concept of toilets and indoor plumbing. Great. But then we created downstream issues of pollution and filtering and water supply, and also created major issues with lead pipes, which are dangerous. So we have a dozen additional issues.

Or take transportation. We ‘solved’ transportation by inventing the idea of railroads. But that led to train wrecks, air pollution, the need for coal, coal mining, environmental damage, and coal ash disposal.

Which then led to the internal combustion engine, need for gasoline, pollution, highways, huge cities, suburban growth, forests being torn down, and so on.

So the real answer to your question is that (a) we may solve one problem,. but (b) that gives rise to dozens more.

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Tic tac toe.

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Many, many problems. How about you yourself? Haven’t you solved hundreds of problems? I know I have. For instance, I have sciatica and other back problems and can’t shop in a grocery store and get my items home, up the stairs and into the cupboards. Solution? Have someone do it for me, like Walmart, and take my time putting them away. You probably meant humankind, but I answered it another way – individual humans.

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How to get from place to place fast.
How to keep warm in winter anc cool in summer.
How to grow enough food to at least feed those who can afford it.

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Killing each other – not solved
Destroying the planet – not solved
Escaping to the moon – work in progress

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