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Is is possible that my accounting final exam was a trick ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) January 21st, 2024

In 1997 I took introduction to accounting.
The final exam was to check if a business account balanced.

I checked it over quickly and there was nothing that needed to be done. So I handed the exam back to the professor, and said that it balanced, and nothing needed to be done.

I ended up failing the class.

What do you think?

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It might not have been a trick…just a very difficult exam created by someone with a LOT more experience!!!

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Not a trick . . . it is the carrying forward for monthly occurrences not just the columns adding up.

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All I know about accounting is that in double entry bookkeeping all the plus values should be cancelled by all the minus values, giving a net value of zero. As long as that holds, the books balance.

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Another thing to check is that if you add the transactions into an account and subtract all the transactions out of an account, the value of the account should equal the difference.

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Of course it is. I have never seen a Harry Potter film or read any of those books and I had a law school exam where all of the characters in the story from which we were to formulate our arguments were names from those movies. I will never forget this. As I left the room I told my prof that that was the most horrible example of the supposed reason for having tests I have ever encountered. He laughed. Everyone I talked to later made As in the class. Perhaps we all made As. I was not the only one unfamiliar with those crazy names. So yes. Weird senses of humor exist in this world, and sometimes they are housed in professors.

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