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How much would it cost to start another stock exchange?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24430points) 1 month ago

In Canada we had 3 stock exchanges (Toronto, Alberta, and Vancouver).

Now we have only the one in Toronto.

How much would it cost to start another Alberta stock exchange?

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Just do it.

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@Zaku Thanks for the emotional support, and vote of confidence. Much appreciated. I will look into it.

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Update I read up on the subject and $9.5 million dolllars wasn’t enough. I am researching the dark pool. As that is the first time hearing of it.

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Reading up Dark Pools on Wikipedia will check my library when I feel better for more.

Wow I feel like the pointy hair boss from Dilbert. I had fun reading most of the Wikipedia article on Dark Pools.

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@RedDeerGuy1 we have someone on Fluther that worked with the “pointy hair” boss and Scott Adams from Dilbert. !

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The biggest cost in creating a real exchange is the communications network. Exchanges run off a dedicated private network of high speed communication lines, connecting brokers to the matching engine. Most exchange connections are in the 40Gigabyte range, because of the huge volume of data.

The next highest cost is the matching engine, The matching engine needs to be able to handle all the orders and quotes coming in from brokers and from market makers. On a modern exchange, that can be 100,000 messages per second.

And the exchange must exceed a five nines up time. 99.999% up time is considered unreliable.

After all that, you must have a regulatory staff to make sure all the rules are adhered to. An then you have to find products to list for trading.

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