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Does anyone else get headaches when you see ants, a swarm of flies, or a swarm of gnats?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) March 16th, 2024

It is the weirdest thing. When there are a ton of flies or gnats I get a headache and have to take ibuprofen sometimes. Same deal with ants.

Bugs in general scare me so I wonder if it is because of that.

Would be interested to see if this is a just-me reaction or if anyone else feels the same.

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I don’t. I may be grossed out but I don’t get headaches.

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No. But I also don’t get headaches.

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Wow, interesting! No, I don’t. I’ve not heard of that before.

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I googled it and nothing came up so I figured I’d ask here to see if I am crazy lol

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I would guess it may be anxiety causing the headaches, prompted by the swarms of bugs.

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My wife used to get dizzy, when looking at bee honeycomb shapes.

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@Tropical_Willie That’s a particular phobia. I forget the name but it starts with a T.

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@janbb tryptophobia, I believe.

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@LifeQuestioner Yes, that’s it.

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No, I have never had anything like that.

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A swarm of gnats or midges buzzing around in the same spot like a miniature stationary tornado irritates me no end, especially when it’s directly in my field of vision, like when it’s right in front of my house while I’m watching the sunset. I went out there once and tried to take them down with the hose, but to no effect. It makes me growl in annoyance, but there’s no headache.

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No, but I do get a burning desire to use Flammenwerfer.

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If I see a gnat swarm and it’s in my path, I just walk through it, because they seem to disperse so that I don’t see, hear, or feel them.

If I see ants inside my house, they’re annoying, but they don’t give me headaches. Part of that might because I’m well-hydrated and I use breathing techniques to relieve stress.
If they’re outside the house, they’re no bother. In that location, they’re just beneficial little scavengers removing food litter.

I haven’t seen a swarm of flies since 1992.
They were inside my house, so it was a major aggravation.
Trying to use a swatter would been a major mess, so I used a vacuum-powered hose to remove and contain them.

I don’t have a generalized fear of arthropods, so that’s probably the main reason they don’t give me headaches.

Do you have an extreme and persistent fear of insects?
Do other things also give you headaches?

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Someone has to say it, so I will.
SQ. I love ya.
But you ARE crazy. ~

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I know I know @MrGrimm888 and not the good kind lol.

I do get headaches a lot but not at other bugs.

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After thinking about it more, I noticed that it seems to be maybe not the individuals, but the numbers that bother you.
Swarms, and armies of ants, I can understand a bit.
How about single insects?

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I kinda got a headache when I pulled a board off the privacy fence and uncovered a pulsating nest of hundreds of daddy longs. Screams.

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Now, a pulsating nest ^^ does give me the horrors.

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And yet Dutch lived to tell the tale.~

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They aren’t venomous! One (ONE) wound up in my house once. I just let him be. Started in the bathroom. Tracked him all through the house for 3 weeks.

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