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Creative Halloween art projects?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) September 24th, 2008

My kids really enjoy art, and Halloween is always a fun time to get those going. I am looking for unique, sort of abstract Halloween themed art projects. I teach 5th grade.

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use black construction paper for the background piece.
next have all kids take off their shoes.
on a white piece of paper have them trace their feet (not inbetween toes-around).
have them cut out their ‘feet’.
now tell them to make GHOSTS with the shapes.
have them cut out or drwn eyes & ‘scary’ mouth shapes (the ‘heel’ is the head/toes are the wavy bottom)
they could write a ghoulish message on the black paper with white crayons/pencils/gel pens once they get to the final stage of the project

It would be fun if you could keep the finally bit a secret until they get to that part. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit young, but their sized foot works REALLY well for the project and it look cool on the wall! (and/or down the halls of your school)

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That’s an awesome idea! I was tryin’ to think of stuff but got stumped so thought I’d sleep on it! My inability to answer left me pwnd. It’s cool though, cause I’m gonna do that project tomorrow and post it on here!

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Okay another construcion paper one.

Have the kids help make a banner for your classroom (and maybe another for the school hall——depending on how many kids are in your room)

I’d do it in yellow & orange and hang it w/orange or black yarn.

Each student decorates one panel on the “Happy Halloween!” banner…meaning one kid does H, one the exclamation point, along the line. (the paper doesn’t get cut, so the letter should be big)

Now for Thanksgiving, I like these done with seeds/pine cones——all nature/free fromoutside items.

For Halloween, you could go that route, or you could go the way of plastic spiders, pumpkin sequins-etc, or you could go with pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds-etc.

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Paper mache pumkpins. For putting on your head.

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@ shading my Oz loving son adores Jack Pumpkinhead!

Supergirl, exanding this idea (since most kids aren’t that into Oz) you could do a classroom made scarecrow. Kids could bring in old clothes and you or a handyman/woman you know could make the support for arms and the post out of two 2“x4”‘s

I don’t know many kids that don’t love a scarecrow. Is there a place in the school yard for one? Otherwise you could mount him in a base and decorate a bulletin board as a farm field behind him.

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@Spatzie: Oz is wonderful. I only really discovered it in my third year of university – believe it or not, my prof made us read the second book in the series and watch Return to Oz. It was a great way to start the year.

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@shadling my son is three. we’re going on the fifth in the series soon. He can’t have enough of it! Glad to learn they use it in university. He’ll be ahead of the game ;) I get a kick out of the books, too. Fun reads!

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