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What is the psychological threshold needed to call a crisis line?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24454points) 3 weeks ago

Last night I called 988 (crisis and suicide hotline), and I hung up. I’m not suicidal, and I don’t know that I had a crisis. I just needed someone to talk to, as I was having a panic attack, and my family is sick or asleep at night.

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I hope today was a better day for you. I don’t know the criteria, but I think you had a very good reason to call the crisis hotline. I hope there’s not a next time, but if there is, stay on the line and talk to someone. They should be able to talk you through a panic attack. {{{hugs}}}

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There isn’t one. If you think you might need it, go for it.

In the future, try calling 211 or the Alberta Mental Health Line 1–877-303–2642 for mental health and crisis support that isn’t suicide focused.

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It’s ok to call in a panic attack.

I’m so sorry that happened. Panic attacks are frightening. I hope you don’t have another.

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I wonder how many people hang up after dialing. This in itself may offer comfort, just knowing that someone was available to speak to you.

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I am unsure, but glad you had the forethought to try to call someone.
I hope today is better for you.

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Yes, I agree with @LostInParadise. Sometimes just the power of taking that first step or knowing that you have that option can be very liberating.

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The threshold is this: if you want to speak with someone about anything, and you have no one to speak with, call. As a former crisis line worker, I know they’d rather you talk about the weather than avoid dealing with a crisis.

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