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What effect do you think the killing by Israel of 7 World Kitchen workers bringing humanitarian aid will have on the war in the Mideast and international relations?

Asked by jca2 (16252points) 2 weeks ago

Apparently, Israeli airstrikes hit a convoy killing seven World Kitchen workers bringing humanitarian aid (food) to Gazans. What effect do you think it will have on international relations and on the war in the Middle East?

Details, excerpt from the New York Times: “The disaster relief nonprofit World Central Kitchen paused operations in Gaza and the region on Tuesday after the organization said seven of its workers were killed in an airstrike.

José Andrés, the organization’s founder, said on X that “several of our sisters and brothers” were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Monday. The group later said in a statement that the team was leaving a warehouse in central Gaza in two armored cars after unloading humanitarian food aid. The group said the convoy was hit despite having coordinated movements with the Israeli military.

The Israeli military said in a statement early Tuesday that, in light of the reports, it was “conducting a thorough review at the highest levels to understand the circumstances of this tragic incident.” The military also said it “makes extensive efforts to enable the safe delivery of humanitarian aid, and has been working closely with W.C.K. in their vital efforts to provide food and humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.”

Erin Gore, the nonprofit’s chief executive officer, said that the group’s employees were killed in “a targeted attack” by the Israeli military, without providing evidence.

“This is unforgivable,” Ms. Gore said.

Graphic video footage that circulated after the strike showed several bodies, some wearing protective gear with World Central Kitchen patches. Footage distributed by Reuters showed a white vehicle marked with the group’s logo on its roof, with a hole half of the width of the car. The nationalities of the seven killed included Australia, Poland, Britain, the United States, Canada and Palestine, according to World Central Kitchen.

World Central Kitchen has become a key organization in the perilous, politically fraught efforts to distribute humanitarian aid to desperate Gazans. Aid organizations say Israel has severely limited the aid that reaches Gaza through land crossings, leaving shipments by sea as an increasingly important means of delivering food to the enclave.”

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Zero. Zilch. Nada.

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Israel’s actions have made it a pariah among the nations. It sickens me.

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No serious effect. It’s another propaganda opportunity for the Israel-haters, but there are so many of them already, and and so many opportunities for castigating Israel, that this one incident is not going to make even a drop of difference. That time – the time for outrage – passed about three months ago.

I’m eager for the Israelis to somehow get rid of the warmonger Netanyahu. Get rid of him, and things will calm down.

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I imagine that the general feeling will be that they were obviously supporting the efforts of Hamas and therefore were legitimate targets.

(I mean if Israel can justify the killing of babies in intensive care, we can pretty much justify anything…)

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It’ll cause temporary hand-wringing and performative consternation among some leaders of Western liberal democracies.

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Essentially none. It’s a war zone, and mistakes happen.

(The idea it was intentional by Israeli command is simply incorrect, as there is no positive spin possible for them.)

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What @Kropotkin said.

It illustrates the extent to which any aid to the Gazans is being stymied by Israel, and makes it all the more clear that the predicted famine will soon be a reality.

The Gaza Strip is being leveled to the ground, very much intentionally. And it will continue. Billions of dollars worth of weapons and materiel will be sent to the IDF by the United States.

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The WCK has paused all aid in Gaza . . . might that have been intent by Netanyahu ?

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I’m sure Biden will say it’s very upsetting and then proceed to quietly deliver thousands more 2k lbs “bumker buster” bombs to be dropped on women and kids in Gaza.

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None. This is war.

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@gorillapaws It boggles my mind and hurts my soul that we are still sending military equipment to Israel.

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@janbb “It boggles my mind and hurts my soul that we are still sending military equipment to Israel.”

I’m fine with the Iron Dome being resupplied. It’s done a phenomenal job at protecting civilian life. But the 2k “Bunker busters?” It’s criminal—as in a literal violation of the Leahy Laws. Biden should be impeached for it and sent to the fucking Hague.

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Why is it OK to send arms to Israel, but not Ukraine?
Israel very much seems to be abusing their power over the people of Gaza.

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@gorillapaws I saw that the other day. Sending them unguided bombs seemed pretty outrageous, to me.
Honestly. Sending them ANY weapons is ridiculous.

I heard we just “sold” a bunch of F-15s to Israel. What a fucking joke.
I should have been an arms dealer….. Oh, the money they make from conflict, must be insane. Some defense contractors are going to get even richer, from all this killing.

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@SQUEEKY2 It’s difficult to find ways to explain the actions of the US government. Especially, if you try to do it without the variable of corruption.

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I’m just now hearing about this but it totally pisses me off. I often send World Kitchen donations because I really like what they do. I think that next time there’s a need in Israel, maybe they skip heading there.

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I don’t understand the endless atrocities Israel is committing in Gaza chief of which is the looming man-made famine. What purpose do they serve? What good can possibly come out of it. It is no longer a war against Hamas it is a war against humanity itself, a war of madness against life.

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@gorillapaws You do have to state that’s not all Israelis. There are many who are appalled at the settlers’ actions.

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@janbb 95% of Israelis thought the amount of force in Gaza was appropriate back in January, as Israel was being found to be plausibly committing Genocide in the ICJ.

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