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Do you ever skip the first couple paragraphs of a newspaper or magazine article to get past the introductory fluff BS?

Asked by Kraigmo (9119points) 1 month ago

The rule is pounded into our heads in school: “Always start with an introduction in your papers”.
It seems to me this concept has been carried way too far.
For example if a meteor hit Los Angeles, this is how the LA Times would form their lede:
“Thelma Burgess was washing dishes in her Laurel Canyon kitchen when a bright light appeared in the distance….”

Reporters are trained to “come up with a story” to “make it personal to the reader”.
I say this training is overthought crap. Just get to the point.
We don’t need introductory crap. We don’t need hard facts to be written in a story-style narrative. It may please newsroom editors, but it doesn’t please readers.
What do you think?

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Actually, reporters are trained to put the “who, what, where, why and when” in the first paragraph. You may be referring more to magazine articles than news articles.

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Well. I speed read through, until I start seeing uh key words I guess, and then I will likely go back several paragraphs until the thesis is actually being pushed.

It’s perhaps relevant to mention, that I was diagnosed with ADHD. I believe that may be a variable in how I read.

If the subject I’m reading about requires I know it thoroughly, I will read every sentence, sometimes twice. It seems to be required that I read something carefully, or I will just read the words and not remember what I read.

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Yes, I often skip the fluff to get to the meat of a written piece.

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Yes. I skip all sort of fluff and introductions in all sorts of forms of media.

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I read like @MrGrimm888 – interestingly, I have ADD (no hyper component) also. I have to really concentrate on what I’m reading or ultimately it’s just words. Can’t read around talking people, tv, radio, music or anything that might distract me. From around age 3 up to my early 30s I was an avid reader. Maybe it’s just age that’s making it more difficult. <<shrugs>>

@Kraigmo I’m that way with books, also. Get my interest right away and get rid of the descriptions of the countryside!

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^When I was a young kid, in school I would read 5–6 pages of something, but I didn’t remember shit. I had to reread EVERYTHING.
I get caught drifting off in thought, even when I’m trying to concentrate on things I like.

Sometimes, I just skim through articles to find just one specific thing. Like a score in a game, or player stats.

That’s basically what SportsCenter is, a summary of the most interesting plays.

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I read the Washington Post, and instantly recognized that style of news reporting in their coverage. Yes, it is annoying.

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