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How are flamenco dancers able to tap their feet so quickly?

Asked by LostInParadise (31936points) 2 weeks ago

I just saw a flamenco dancer and was amazed by how quickly she was able to tap her feet. Are flamenco dancers trained to be able to do this the way that ballet dancers are trained to do ballet?

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It’s like tap dancing, plus flamenco dancers have the maracas so you’re hearing the maracas and the clicking of the shoes.

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Training, and they have 2 contact points on their feet, so you can double the audible tapping rate. Also there is hand clapping and finger snipping.

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Practice, practice, practice!

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Well , no. It’s training. Much like those Irish clog dancers

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They channel their passion . . . and train a lot.

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They are trying to compete with the Irish…Irish ahead at the moment.

It is simply a learned skill and I will make a guess that not everyone is able to learn to do those leg/ankle/feet movements at the speed of light, I mean Irish.

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Very interesting – footwork drills for Flamenco on Youtube:

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These women dance their asses off:

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