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Did a bunch of rich, white, male slave owners intend for the U.S. to be a Christian nation?

Asked by bodyhead (5530points) September 25th, 2008

Of course I’m speaking about the original government here in the United States. It seems as if they were very careful in their wordings yet it seems we will never be able to separate church and state. What do you think of their intentions when regarding government and religion?

It seems to me, no vocal atheist could get elected.

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No vocal atheists could get elected, which is depressing. I’m not a fan of Richard Dawkins, but I couldn’t help but agree when he pointed out that there are a great deal of people in the scientific community who couldn’t both be honest and run for president because of the lack of religion in their lives. It’s insanely depressing.

And I highly doubt that the founding fathers intended the U.S. to be a Christian nation, as many of them were deists. If God isn’t involved in the normal, everyday operation of the world why the hell should it have anything to do with our government and nation?

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I think we have to realize that most of the founding fathers were deist who might have believed in Christian principles but they themselves didn’t recognize that Jesus was the savior of the world. However they would have fought for any mans right to practice any religion of his choosing. They may have had the same view on slavery but I think it is strange that they themselves stated “All Men Are Created Equal”.

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I’ve been told that the founding fathers (or, framers of the Constitution) were in fact Unitarians.

But, I wasn’t there…

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Well, I imagine it’s possible to be both a deist and a unitarian.

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@mrmeltedcrayon—how can you not be a fan of Richard Dawkins. If there was a god, he would be it ;-)

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Richard Dawkins is a militant proselytizing atheist who has many of the ugly traits he despises in religious people. There’s a great deal there not to like.

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@ Noon: Actually, you hit it on the head with “If there was a god, he would be it.” Though I agree with many of his points, I find him too arrogant and, as cwilbur mentioned, too militant. I also dislike the creepy following he seems to have. I’ve run into a lot of people who really do seem to revere him as a deity of some sort. It’s ironic when people pride themselves on their lack of religious belief but turn around and obess over Dawkins. It’s just replacing worship of one thing with another.

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At this time in history, I do not think an atheist could be elected, but I am not clear on why you are blaming that on the founding fathers.

Separation of church and state was vital to all when this country was founded.

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@MrMeltedCrayon—Funny, that’s one of the reasons I like him. Because he explains to people why we feel this need for worship, and a voice to follow. And even though he explains that to people really clearly and really well, people still fall for this biological fault we have. Like people worshiping him only proves him even more.
BTW the him being god comment is something I totally don’t take to heart. Love the guy, love his brilliance, and love that he is one of the few people out there willing to call religion on it’s shi@#. People are too quiet and apologetic about it. I’d rather a brilliant man taking on that fight than a numbnut. But worship him, don’t know. But sit and talk to him over dinner, that might be kewl.

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Just so you know, when I am being factually accurate people often intemperate it for rudeness. Pointing out the truth isn’t rude.

The conclusion that I was trying to get people to follow is, why can’t an atheist get elected if there truly is a separation of church and state?

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