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How do I get my puppy (english bulldog) to stop barking when I leave for work?

Asked by dam239 (21points) August 8th, 2007 from iPhone

My puppy is 3 months old but he has been with me for over a week now. He is doing great on potty training and sleep in his crate all night till I let him out. When I come home I can hear him barking and we live in an apartment. How long do they bark for do they tire themselves out and just stop? Any advice to help them not stress when nobody is home?

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it might be a little mean, depending on your view, but you can purchase collars that emit a high freq tone that makes them stop barking. Then eventuly the dog will stop and you won't have to use it anymore.
Its all about behavior modification!

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that's horrible, why would you do something so cruel, a much better option is having the dogs voice box removed, no voice box, no barking.

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ha, yes much more humaine :) LOL

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Might try leaving a radio or T.V. on.

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okay, one of my room mates has used one of those collars and they teach the dog to wine. So now the dog doesn’t bark- she makes other equally annoying noises instead

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