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Blog Hit Counter?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 25th, 2008

Excuse me because I dont know HTML. I’m looking for a simple text hit counter on my blog that only I can see. If not a public one would be fine. Im using

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I’d recommend using Google Analytics. It’s free and pretty good.

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I agree with srerik. That is what I use.

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Wow Thanks sferik!

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It’s not as advanced as Google Analytics and costs $30, but I’m a fan of Mint. It’s great for cases when you need a more specific stat, as in my case, the most viewed film entries only among logged in members, or for specific stats about what people are using the internal search to look for, and whether or not they found what they wanted (by going through to another page and not bouncing).

You can quickly build your own modules to compare certain figures, and grab other session/browser/server stats if you need to. I even use it to keep tabs on the database server.

It’s pretty neat, if what you’re looking for is more like a ‘general system dashboard’. I also like that it updates in real time, unlike Google GA.

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Yes Mint is nice. I’ve passed by it quite a few times. And that user interface! Delicious..

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Hell, use both! Have fun. :)

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reinvigorate I’ve been using them for probably close to 6 years now. Their first interface was so friggin’ awesome. Now they’ve scaled back and gone more web 2.0, but it’s still nice and still does exactly what I need.

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Widgetbox has a bunch of widgets, including counters, that are very easy to add. Cut and paste, for the most part.

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Sitemeter is free and easy to use. Great tool is another freebie that I’ve discovered, it doesn’t count on the page but gives you great info on the back end about site traffice.

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