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Have you read this book?

Asked by priority (1points) September 26th, 2008

I can’t remember the name of a book I saw for sale back in 2006 or 2007. It was a science fiction paperback, a “clash of worlds” type plot, with a reptilian alien race considered “evil” because they had no concept of good or evil, and they often ate their young. Can anyone give me the name of this book?

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Do you at least know the author ?

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Try to recall certain key words within the book, such as the name of one of the characters, or the name of a planet mentioned therein, or perhaps a contraption used.

Then, you can try using Google® to find out where those words occur.

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let me know if you find out!

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Alien vs. Predator? Not this one though. Sorry. One of my fave cartoons.

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