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What was your first eight track, cassette tape, record and/or CD?

Asked by Nimis (13225points) September 29th, 2008

All of these firsts stand out in my mind.
I remember all of mine, do you?
What were they?

Except I can’t remember what my first mp3 was.
Does anyone remember theirs?

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lol 8-track.. man I remember those things. sadly… actually those were passed down to my by my brother and sister. I had several boxes of those. I believe my first cassette was guns and roses-appetite for destruction. Records I had were from my parents collection. I remember thinking that I’d never buy cd’s. boy was I wrong.

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My first vinyl record was this Bob & Ray stereophonic sample album. It was a lot of fun. My first 8-track was the Bread Album, Guitar Man.. My first CD was Stereotomy by the Alan Parsons Project. I never bought cassette albums. I Just bought blanks and made my own custom tapes from my many record albums and 45s.

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My first vinyl was a George Carlin record. First 8-track was something Johnny Cash. First cassette was… New Kids on the Block, maybe? I think so. But I could be mistaken. First CD was Ace of Base. No idea on the mp3, though.

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First 8 track, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Ruby dont take your love to town…
It was pink!

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My first cassette was Bruce Springsteen Born to Run, my first album was ZZTop, El Loco. I never bought any 8-tracks, I found them entirely too confusing, I could never find the song I was looking for.

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I think my first 8 track was a kids christmas carol one or something like that. My first cassette tape was Aqua. I never owned my own records, only my parents, and I think my first CD was Backstreet Boys or Dido.
…hangs head in shame

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Shaggy – Boombastic

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My first 8 track was by Chic, my first cassette was the score from the movie West Side Story. My first record was a 45, “The Witchdoctor Song” (by David Seville of “Alvin and The Chipmunks”).

My first VHS was (and it cost $75 dollars!) Star Wars.

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My first music purchase was “Rubber band man” as a 45. My first 8 track was the Star Wars soundtrack. My first album was Poco.

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My first CD was the Spice World soundtrack. I still have it! :)

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I had 8Tracks as a kid, but don’t remember my first.

My first vinyl was The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers (with the working zipper designed by Warhol).

My first cassette was Gene Simmons “solo” album from Kiss (from the series of 4).

I’m afraid I don’t remember my first CD or Mp3.

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American Graffiti sound track.

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Vinyl: Janis Joplin, Pearl

Cassette: 3 Dog Night, Golden Biscuits

CD: Pete Townsend, Ironman

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my first cassette was Pool It! by the Monkees. It’s still one of my favorite albums and I have two copies of it on CD and the entire album on my Zune.

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my first vinyl (purchase): young turks – rod stewart

first casset: Let the Day Begin – The Call

CD: Rattle and Hum – U2

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Vinyl: Randy—Baby Beluga.
Not actually mine, but the one my sister and I liked that our parents let us put on or take off, so close enough?
Cassette: Carly Simon—You’re so Vain
CD: Celine Dion—that one that came out in sixth grade, the same time as No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom (which was my #2 CD).

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cassette mmm, colective soul – disciplined breakdown (so far, 20 cassettes)
cd mmm, ‘n sync (about 300 cds now)
vinyl, violator by depeche mode (my uncle pass it on to me)
mp3, howie day, sorry, so sorry (like 2000 songs in my laptop now)

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Scub: I wouldn’t have taken it so far as to say that I never thought I’d buy a CD. But I do remember thinking it was only a matter of time before it become obsolete too. I mean, heck, I had already gone through 8-tracks, records and cassette tapes. Got to say they’ve been around longer than I thought. (Even with mp3s.)

Astro: Really? You never bought a cassette tape? I do remember recording my own. Do you remember requesting a song an the radio so you could record it and then cursing at the DJ for not shutting up before the song began? Ha. Good times.

Emp: Baby Beluga! I totally remember that song.

Flame: Whoa. You may be the only person here who remembers their first mp3!

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@Nimis.. i believe my main reason for saying I’ve never buy a CD was due to the fact that I was really young. I was to young to have a job and i wasn’t lucky enough to get an allowance. My sister had a cd player, and I remember looking at CD’s in stores thinking that they cost too much. As we grow older, our thoughts on what the value of something changes. But when I received my first cd player, which ironically was my sisters that she passed down to me, just like the 8tracks and vinyl, I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to press the next button and be able to skip to the beginning of the next song. So long gone were teh days of fast forwarding and trying to stop it on the right song.. thank god for technology, lol..

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@agnus.. SHAGGY.. OMG thats brings back memories.. lol i imediately started singing that song as I read your response.. lol goodtimes..

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Scub: I hear ya. I remember being amazed with those cassette players that could skip to the next song. Amazing!

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I did have one cassette album, now that I think about it. It was a comedy album called Hanging In There and was done by Hudson & Landry.

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My brother bought me this 45 for my birthday, along with this. He knew I was going to get my first record player, so he got me some records to go with it.

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First 8-track: Alvin and the Chipmunks (A Chipmunk Christmas)
First record(s): Willie Nelson and New Order (Blue Monday LP)
This is not counting those Read-A-Long records/books.
First cassette: Lost Boys Soundtrack
First CD(s): Primus (Sailing the Seas of Cheese) and Pearl Jam
First mp3: Can’t remember!

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First record- Alvin and the Chipmunks- Christmas.
First 8-track- the Smothers Brothers, “Mom always liked you best”
First cassette- Midnight Oil, “Blue Sky Mining”
First CD (it was a gift) Nirvana, “Nevermind”

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Want a plane that loops the loop
I still want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please, Christmas, don’t be late

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Dave singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” sucked sooooo bad

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I bought the Go-Gos record when I was 10.

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Kru: Oh, man. I used to be obsessed with the Beauty and the Beat album cover.
Remember the back where they’re soaking in the tub? Awesomeness.

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When I was very little, I had kiddie records for my Fisher Price record player. I think that my first cassette (or at least my first rock cassette was Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet,” because I received two copies of it for my 10th bday!

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